Do’s and Don’ts—Recommendations and Precautions In Maintaining Laminate Flooring

laminated flooring

Laminates may be prone to warping and scratching. Even the best ones succumb to harsh compounds from cleaning solutions. A more intense cleaning is often necessary, especially in high traffic areas. If you have no clear idea about what could damage the surface, then you might be doing the floor more harm than good.

First stop—choosing the right mop

The right mop for the job is microfiber type that glides effortlessly and picks up dirt along the way. Residents who are keen on maintaining properly their newly installed laminate flooring in Santa Ana need more than a new microfiber mop. This may be a highly recommended cleaning implement, but you have to take a few lessons from flooring experts to keep your new floors clean and shiny all day long.

Main precaution: Use less water

Cleaning laminates is quite easy, yet you must consider the fact that the material does not respond well to too much water. Warping is your biggest concern, and water is a main warping agent. Water seeping onto the underside of the installation will cause warping eventually. When cleaning laminate flooring experts advises homeowners to use a dry microfiber mop. If you have to use water, less is better. A damp cloth would do the trick. Do not let water trickle. Instead, make sure to wring out any liquid before applying the cloth on the floor. When

No harsh scouring

The laminate surface is tough, but not tough enough to remain unscathed if you drag sharp-edged furniture along it, or sweep it with hard bristles. You can sweep off dirt with a broom made from soft bristles. If you have to scrub stubborn dirt off, then set aside the steep wool. Use a sponge instead. Repair and cleaning kits that are safe to use for laminates may be available from your local hardware store.

Moreover, do not use harsh bleach either. Bleach removes the shine, and it can stain the floor enough to ruin it. When it soaks in you will have to deal with a cascade of problems, given the porosity of wood laminates.

Keeping it splendidly shiny

laminated wooden floor

Laminate flooring is at its best when it is shining flawlessly. Dirt and dust that accumulate could take away this amazing quality. Drab laminates are a sad thing to behold. You can do something to restore the shine and maintain it for a long time, but it takes work. It starts with patient and gentle sweeping, followed by a thorough run with a vacuum cleaner. Mopping is next on the line. You may use a cleaning solution specifically intended for laminates. You must use just enough fluid so that there are no pools of water or solution. A quick dry is your goal, and if you did everything right then, the floor should be restored to its original shine afterward.

Regular maintenance is necessary

It is important to remember that dirt and residue accumulate with neglect. Poor cleaning practices may leave the floor dull and unsalvageable. Moreover, the surface wears out and loses its shine permanently if it falls to neglect. You will ensure regular maintenance of laminate floors if you want to make the most of your investment.


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