4 Practical Ways of Keeping Pests Away from Your Home

Ants carrying ice cream and fork

Ants carrying ice cream and fork

Pests are unwanted in any home. Insects and mice, for instance, can infest a house destroy food and other organic materials. A rat infestation may also result in the destruction of your documents, clothing, and sofas. If you are unaware that they have consumed some of your food, you could be at risk of getting pest-related diseases.

Eliminating the current infestation

Before embarking on preventive measures, it is prudent to first deal with the current infestation. There are many companies in Puerto Rico, particularly in Caguas, that offer residential pest control services.

The treatment may have to be conducted occasionally in durations of one to two weeks to ensure the complete elimination of all pests and their maggots. Attention should be given to dark sections of the house which are common locations for pest hideouts.

Maintaining your yard


Neglected backyards provide a good hiding place for pests, and that’s especially true for rats and mice. They conveniently hide in the long grass and soon make their way into your house. A well-maintained yard may be achieved through the regular mowing of grass and the collection of dry leaves. Keeping the grass short denies the pests of a suitable hiding place, which goes a long way to keeping your home safe.

Additionally, it is vital to be careful about the way you deal with junk items around your home. Junk items refer to your previous home items that broke down, rendering them unusable. It may also consist of pieces of furniture, such as old sofas, tables, beds, and cupboards. Avoid dumping them in your backyard, as they provide pests with hiding places.

Sealing possible exit points

Pests rely on open spaces and crevices to gain access to your home. Some of those openings are not crucial and may, therefore, be sealed off. Other openings such as chimneys may be fitted with a sealing mesh to prevent the passage of pests into your house. Chimneys may not be covered completely, as they provide an outlet for smoke and an inlet for fresh air.

Storing food properly

All food substances should be properly covered and stored in a safe place. Leaving food containers open and lying everywhere is likely to result in pests, especially cockroaches. The same applies to the way you dispose of waste food.

Avoid the habit of throwing waste outside the house, such as in your backyard. It is also not advisable to dispose of unwrapped food in your bin. That is also likely to result in pests. Instead, consider wrapping the food appropriately in a plastic bag before placing the bag in your bin. It is an effective way of handling waste food, as it also prevents the emergence of a repelling odor in the case that the food remains in the bin long enough to rot.

A pest-free home provides a conducive environment for you and your family. It also ensures that your home appears presentable to your visiting friends and kin. You may adopt a combination of several techniques to make your home pest-proof.

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