Bedroom Backdrop: Things to Remember When Hunting for Wallpaper

Black bedroom wallpaper

Black bedroom wallpaperAs the most intimate part of the house, the bedroom should exude a mix of stimulating and relaxing vibe. It is the homeowner’s sanctuary, one that lets you be yourself but also find rest and solace after a hard day’s work. Because of this, the interiors of the bedroom requires careful thought to ensure maximum comfort.

Mix up colors and prints

Since bedrooms are usually calming sanctuaries, the first thing to decide on would be the print on the wallpaper. When you get a wallpaper online, one way to start your search is to focus on patterns that bring a calming effect. This means bigger prints balanced with sprawling blank spaces.

The busier designs can be installed in areas that have fewer traffic, such as hallways or the areas outside the bedroom. It also pays to know that larger prints can bring more drama for spaces, and also bring a more intimate appeal to smaller rooms, making them more fitting for bedrooms.

If you are going for a romantic feel in your bedroom, you might want to choose a wallpaper with floral prints and pastel colors. If your style is more of fashion-forward, opt for bold prints and metallic accents. But if you want a relaxed feel, on the other hand, settle for the traditional wallpaper designs, such as stripes and damasks.

Opt for specific themes
Man putting up wallpapers

A room’s style can be established with the right choice of theme. Whether it is a contemporary touch or a rustic base, the right wallpaper can be the biggest change you need for a new look.

There are a number of themes that wallpapers can establish. The most fitting for bedrooms would be a floral touch, which can either come from symmetric designs of flowers to a more woodsy feel for a romantic room. Patterns can also give a masculine vibe for a stronger and interesting appeal, or switching up the palette to cream and beige can give it a delicate feminine touch even with nice sweeping designs.

Also, decide on how you want to use the wallpaper in your room. Do you want all four walls covered with simple designs? Or do you prefer using a bold or glossy wallpaper only on one side, for example, behind the bed, to make it the focal point of your room?

Ensure that the backing fits your home

Take note of how the size of the bedroom affects the wallpaper that you will buy. This is especially important when it comes to buying wallpaper online. There is already an abundance of paste-on wallpapers that make use of non-woven backing paper that retains its size regardless of getting wet. The good thing about this is it does not require any soaking so decoration can take half the time it normally does.

The right wallpaper can give a new feel to a room, so the first step is really finding the best wallpaper that matches your room’s needs. Be it simple patterns or intricate designs that hint at luxury, let your walls depict the kind of atmosphere you want for your bedroom.

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