5 Habits That Cause Serious Air Conditioning Problems

Man cleaning the airconditioner

Man cleaning the airconditionerIs your air conditioner getting on your nerves instead of keeping you cool? Certain habits could be causing the mess. So before you go kicking your unit, check out these habits that you might have to keep this appliance in tip-top condition for more years to come.

1. Skimping on maintenance

Just like any equipment, your AC unit needs regular maintenance checks to keep it running in optimum condition for years. Let an expert inspect your unit at least once every six months. This way, troubled parts are spotted right away before the problem gets worse.

Also, if you’re noticing something out of the ordinary with your unit (for instance, it’s taking too long to cool the room or making a strange noise), call an expert in air conditioning repair in Knoxville, TN immediately before the issue snowballs into a larger one.

2. Constant Use

Conventional advice states that it’s better to keep the unit running even when there’s no one home to keep the ducts from heating up before you’re going to use it again. However, keep in mind that this advice only makes sense when you’re out of the house for a couple of hours, tops.

But if you’re gone the entire day or you’re out for a couple of days on a trip, it doesn’t make sense to keep the unit running when no one’s using it. This will just put unnecessary wear and tear on your AC. Plus, paying the electric bill won’t be a nice affair.

3. Constant Disuse

On the flip side, not using the unit for a long time could also cause problems. For one, dust could easily accumulate inside, and rodents could be causing havoc on the circuits and ducts. Aside from that, the unit might need some lubrication since the compressor might dry up. Ducts might also be damaged with moisture build-up due to continuous disuse.

4. Not changing the air filter regularly

Man reaching the air filterThe air filter is a vital part of your AC unit. It keeps dust and harmful particles away from internal parts of your air conditioner. If your AC is running the entire day, you need to replace or clean the filter every month.

Otherwise, airflow will be compromised, particles will get to the cooling coils that could cause damage in the long term, and it could strain other working parts as they have to put in more work to achieve the temperature you set. Aside from this, your health will also be at risk since a dirty AC filter could negatively impact indoor air quality.

5. Blocking the unit

Don’t block the flow of air from the AC vent to the room. Furniture, indoor plants and even small fixtures could disrupt airflow. With continued disruption, the cooling process would be compromised, causing damage to some parts of the unit.

Your AC should be making your life comfortable, not the source of your problems. To help it do its job better and for the long haul, make sure that you keep it well maintained. Stay away from these habits, which could very well hasten the unit’s demise.

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