Preparing for a Long Distance Move

Movers unloading the truck

The experience of moving across the country can be more stressful than when moving a carload across town or to a university dorm, especially when the household includes kids and pets. There are several things to remember when planning this move and when employing the services of long distance movers and storage companies.

You’ll want to make sure that everything is in order before a long distance move. Consider the following if you’re thinking about packing it all up and starting over elsewhere.

Time and Convenience

If you plan to travel a large distance across the country, give yourself more time to move. Organizing all your stuff, stowing it in a moving van, and driving through several states to your new home could take a few days; by comparison, people often complete their in-city transfers in the space of an afternoon. Make allowances for your packing time, commute, and unpacking, so that settling in is easier.

Also, consider your household if you’re thinking of moving cross-country. Moving can be even more time-consuming and stressful if you belong to a large household, have kids or pets, or have members with special considerations like disabilities or illnesses.

Closing Date

Movers unloading the white truckThe closing date refers to the date that you have to be out of your current residence. Ensure that you know when this date is so you can schedule and prepare for a move beforehand. Rush moves and last-minute scheduling can increase moving costs and the risk of reliable moving companies being fully booked on moving day. Schedule movers and rental trucks at least several days before the intended move-out date to prevent these problems from cropping up.

Take into consideration the time of year you plan to move out of your current residence. In most regions of the country, the summer and spring seasons are busy times to move. These seasons may shift depending on where you are moving, as a retirement area or college town may follow a different calendar. These considerations may impact travel times and the availability of moving companies.

Moving Preparation

Plan your move by considering whether you are downsizing or moving to a bigger house and who you intend to live with. If you intend to downsize, for instance, set aside only those things you love, can’t part with, or need in order to maintain your lifestyle. Everything else can be sold, donated, or given away.

Remember to pack the things you need for the first few nights in your new place in separate luggage or boxes. You will probably arrive at your destination before the movers and will need to wait a few days for them to arrive with the rest of your belongings.

Moving Day

Moving DayBe ready to go before the movers arrive so you are focused on moving out instead of on packing. If you plan to drive to your new home, load up your car with necessities and items meant for your first few days before the moving truck arrives.

Plan and schedule a long distance move early to ensure that you reduce stresses related to the moving experience and reduce the risk of unavailable moving services. This way, you can focus on the drive and on getting settled into your new home.

Tips to Move Cross Country

Plan and schedule moving logistics weeks in advance of your actual moving day. Consider the size of your new home and how big your household is, as well as the distance you are planning to travel from your current residence.

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