How to Prevent Vandalism in Commercial Washrooms

Vandalism may start as a simple act of drawing on a wall, but it can be a serious crime. It does not only damage property, but it also affects the owner of the property on a personal level. The owner might feel violated because of this act. Vandalism is a crime because it can be very costly to repair vandalised property. Although there are easy ways to catch vandals, you cannot catch just every single one of them.

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In commercial washrooms, vandalism is a huge issue for many building owners. It eats up a significant amount of time for maintenance people, which they can better spend elsewhere. Apart from getting a guard to look over your public washrooms at all times, you cannot really eliminate vandalism entirely. However, as a building owner, you can take certain steps to prevent it.

Opt for Indestructible Fixtures and Materials

There is a good reason why a lot of schools and prisons use stainless steel washroom fixtures and accessories. They can endure all forms of abuse that vandals can throw at them. Porcelain fixtures, on the other hand, can be easily damaged and broken. Do not forget to select durable, heavy-duty, and industrial grade doors, door hardware, faucets, and various accessories, advises a top supplier of superior quality commercial washroom accessories such as locks, handles, latches, and excellent door hinges in Australia.

You can also use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for your lockers and washroom partitions. It is a solid type of plastic that cannot be affected by vandalism, graffiti, moisture, and humidity, which primarily damage materials. Vandalism or graffiti on HDPE can be simply wiped away. This material can last for a long time, too. Hence, it is a perfect material option for washrooms, which most vandals frequent because they are secluded places.

Choose Materials That Can Be Easily Repaired

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Countertops made of resin and solid surfacing are popular options for labs due to their resistance to heat, stains, chemicals, scratches, and impact. This characteristic makes them perfect for high-traffic environments such as commercial washrooms. Whenever needed, countertops made of industrial grade and heavy-duty materials can easily be refinished or repaired rather than replaced entirely. Minor scratches, permanent markers, and even cigarette burns can be removed with a non-abrasive scouring pad or sander.

Stay on Top of Graffiti

Consider painting walls and other surfaces with a peel-off coating. When vandals pile on the graffiti, they will paint on the protective coating that can be easily peeled off and replaced. You can likewise opt for chalkboard walls, which are basically walls painted in chalkboard paint. Do not forget to provide chalk in various colours. Once your chalkboard walls are filled up, your maintenance crew can just erase everything and make way for the artistic expressions of other users.

Although vandalism can happen virtually anywhere, commercial washrooms, in particular, are easy targets for vandals. However, being one step ahead of them can help keep your commercial washrooms as vandalism-free as possible and your maintenance costs in check.

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