5-Star Dinner at Home: 4 Appliances You Need for a Gourmet-Level Home Kitchen



When watching a cooking show, people probably don’t only look at the food (and drool over them), but they also wonder how much it took to build the kitchen onscreen. The countertops, blenders, stoves, and pots you see on a cooking show studio are often not something you’ll find in your local home depot. Yet, with appliances and things like Kershaw kitchen knives or a Viking range, owning them or installing them at home can turn your simple home kitchen into a luxurious one.

If you’re dead serious about taking your cooking experience a few notches up to impress even Gordon Ramsay, you can start by investing in top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. “There’s a machine responsible for at least one aspect of daily life,” states a Utah-based appliance service provider. In a kitchen, however, there are quite a few, and they can bring your culinary skills to a whole new level.

Double Oven

Why settle with one when you can have two ovens? One oven atop the other, double ovens let you cook two different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. These appliances are typically mounted on the wall or built within kitchen cabinets, therefore saving you space and time. On your next Thanksgiving, you don’t have to wait for the turkey to finish before you put in the pumpkin pie. These ovens are ideal for bakers or home cooks with big families.

Six-Burner Stove

Six burner stove

If you’re a cooking enthusiast or the designated chef during holidays, chances are you will be preparing a variety of dishes at a time. Six-burner stoves are best for homes with a roomy kitchen or for people who like to serve a lot of guests. Some brands of these stoves allow you to combine two burners, creating a heating element that lets you cook on big pots or pans.

Stand Mixer

This appliance isn’t only valuable in baking but is also a worthwhile investment for home cooks who like making pasta. Stand mixers bring your mixing game to an entirely different level, as it allows you to mix or whip more ingredients for longer periods without numbing your arms. Compared to hand mixers, stand mixers have more power and can mix even pie dough for less time. Besides, you can leave your stand mixer to do the blending job while you perform other tasks, allowing busy people like you to multitask.

Wine Cooler

What’s a 5-star dinner without a bottle of delectable wine? At home, you can top a night of great homemade gourmet-like dinner with a well-chilled bottle of wine. This is why you need a wine fridge.

But why buy a wine cooler when you already have a refrigerator to cool your spirits? Unlike a regular fridge, wine coolers are designed to keep your bottles of wine at the right temperature while maintaining a certain level of humidity. The correct temperature retains the wine’s quality and prevents the cork from expanding, which can result in seepage.

If you’re craving a luscious dinner, you don’t have to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant. With the right appliances, the perfect recipe, and patience in food preparation, you can step into your own kitchen and cook a Michelin-caliber meal for yourself or your friends and family.  And if you’re pretty confident about your dish, dare to tweet Chef Gordon about it.

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