Don’t Let the Beach Bugs Bite: Home Care Tips for Those Who Live By The Beach

a beach

a beach

Salt, sand, sea, and sun – all the elements that make for an incredibly relaxing experience by the beach. But those are also elements that can sully an otherwise pristine beach house. Here are tips on how to keep the dirt and bugs from ruining your beach abode.

Keep Sand Out

One of the most prevalent and inevitable problems beach house owners face is the sand that clings to everything. On clothes, shoes, bags, and even hair, you just can’t escape the gritty, grainy particles. Often, sand can even carry bacteria or bugs that can be harmful to you or your loved ones. “Sand bugs” is the catch-all term used to describe various insects and bugs that are found on beaches. These bugs can bite and sting just like fleas and pests.

“Pests usually enter the home at the same entry points that humans enter the home,” say pest control experts in Vero Beach Florida. To keep sand that can be a carrier of bugs and pests from entering your house, provide a thick doormat and as much as possible, keep guests from wearing their shoes indoors. This way, the amount of sand that enters the household is greatly reduced.

Install an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are ideal for beach houses as they can be used to wash up before heading inside for a bath after a day at the beach. This way, you wash off the sand and saltwater that have stuck all over your feet, swimsuit, and hair even before you enter your house. These water fixtures aren’t only great for keeping the dirt out but can also be a stylish water feature in your yard.

Install Hooks and Hangers

Towels and beach rugs are items that are mostly exposed to sand and saltwater. Sand is tricky to clean and saltwater on clothing and towels can be stinky when left unwashed or not completely dried. So, install hooks and hangers where you can hang wet items, in the meantime. You may also install indoor hanging racks or bars. Whenever possible, throw the towels in the wash immediately to avoid foul odors and dirt from spreading in your home.

Provide Indoor Slippers

Another way of keeping sand out of the house is by having indoor slippers ready by the front door or any other entrances to your house. You can get washable ones that are eco-friendly and reusable. Make sure to also provide an outdoor rack or shelf for shoes.

Invest in Vacuums and Sweepers

cleaning the floor

Sand is inevitable and sometimes, no matter how thorough and careful you are about the items and clothing that you and guests bring in, you will still find it in little cracks and spaces and on items like pillows, rugs, and tables. Investing in high-quality vacuums can help you get rid of unwanted sand in unexpected places. You can also opt for a long-handled broom for light cleaning and easy sweeping.

Maintain a clean and organized beach house by following these tips and you’re sure to spend more time enjoying your surroundings instead of stressing out over the mess the beach makes. Have your fill of the salt, sand, sea, and sun without having to worry about bringing dirt and bacteria into your home.

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