A Responsible Homeowner: What Causes Foundation Problems in Your Home?

huge home in a subarea

huge home in a subareaThe foundation plays a vital role in keeping your home’s structure together. It serves as a support system that holds most of the weight and pressure you will build around it. Without its functionality, your house will crumble during a storm, or even during a light yet continuous downpour. If you care enough about your home, a good way to do is to ensure that your foundation is intact and strong.

Foundations are indeed strong, but they may still show problems along the way. Its exposure to various elements and constant weather conditions, for example, may take a toll to its structure. But, there are other possible reasons you’re having troubles with this part of your home. To find out what could they be, below is a list you may refer to:

Changes in Soil’s Moisture

A sudden increase or decrease in soil moisture is a serious threat to your foundation. Any change on its level can either expand or shrink the surface. This can put so much pressure on the structure that may cause its collapse. Although foundations are designed to hold up with these changes, too much of it can be demanding and damaging to them.

Among the likely reasons, there are changes in the soil’s dampness is due to poor drainage. It could also be due to a damaged gutter system. It’s important to take note of these before they get out of hand.

Poor Building Construction

A foundation built with low-grade materials may also cause issues on this structure. If it is constructed with an insufficient amount of concrete and steel, then you can’t expect it to last long.

Most home foundation repairs in Denver and other parts of Colorado are in fact amending this trouble. This is because homeowners often take this part of their home for granted. Simply put it this way, having a poor foundation is like a castle built on sand. It can fall over any minute without you even knowing it.

Foundation is Built on Uneven Soil

Another reason you’re seeing issues in your foundation is due to the improper level of the soil. If the surface is not leveled properly since the beginning, there’s a big chance it will move out of its way eventually. This often happens when people rush the construction of their home. They fail to check and survey if its on the right level. Due to this carelessness, they end up suffering the worst.

Tree Roots Growing Close to the Foundation

North American Home in the suburb surrounded by large trees

While growing plants and trees can bring tons of benefits to your home, having them too close can be risky. There are two possible things that can happen with them around: They could either cause transpiration or puncture your foundation. Both can be bad for your home. This is why it’s important to keep a safe distance between the trees and your home. Ensure that there’s enough water supply to your greens, so they will not hog them.

Be sure to have your home undergo a biannual foundation inspection. This is to check and fix any potential problem that might show up. Learn from these so you could protect your home from damage. Don’t hesitate to call for an expert’s help if you deem it necessary. With that in mind, you can live in peace and confidence.

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