Easy DIY Wood Projects for Your iPhone

wood background

wood background

Sometimes it pays to be a little creative when it comes to the stuff we have lying around. A water bottle can turn into a coin container, or a noodle container can save you some money. If you apply that same resourcefulness in other things such as unused wooden panels, all you need is some wood glue for sale. You can even craft accessories or gadgets for your iPhone.

Wooden amplifier

Instead of buying those expensive amplifiers for your iPhone, you can replicate the same technology with just a few wooden boards. There are many designs for an iPhone amplifier, but the easiest one will require only three boards that will serve as the back plate, face plate, and middle plate.

An expert in woodcrafting was able to fashion a simple yet beautiful amplifier for his iPhone using only three boards. What he did was that he cut the face plate with sections for the iPhone to be placed into. He also carved the middle plate, cutting a hole where the sound from the iPhone can travel to. When he was finished, he glued all the boards together, forming an effective amplifier for the iPhone.

hand holding an iphone

Wooden iPhone dock

Another expert in woodcrafting had a simpler way to make use of a wooden block for his Apple gadget. He used his iPad for this project. But if you apply the same mechanics to a smaller wooden block, you can easily craft a wooden dock for your iPhone.

He took a large wooden block and carved a niche almost at the other end of it. The niche was large enough to fit an iPad. He added a small recess in the niche near the end of the block so that the user could insert his finger there to turn off the iPad. You can do the same thing for your iPhone with a smaller wooden block. You won’t even need so many boards for this project because one block is enough.

Chiselled iPhone dock

If you want something much simpler than the one above, there is another iPhone dock for you. Just get a wooden block that is double the thickness of an iPhone and simply carve a recess in it that you can fit your phone in it. You can also carve a smaller recess for your iPhone’s power cord so that you can charge your phone while it’s sitting comfortably in its dock. If you want your dock to have a stand, you can get a smaller wooden block, apply some wood glue to it, and attach it at the back of the dock. The dock can stand while your iPhone is nestled in it. Just make sure that you cut vertical edges on the wooden stand so that when you place it on a flat surface, it will slightly tilt backwards for a better balance.

These are just some of the easy DIY woodcrafting ideas that you can use for those unused wooden blocks, pallets, or boards. Instead of buying more expensive accessories, use your imagination to craft wooden projects that you can use in your home.

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