Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage Strategically


Many people are doing their spring cleaning now and one of the most dreaded parts of spring cleaning, next to cleaning out the roof and gutters, is going through the garage. Most typical American households use their garage not just as a shelter for their vehicles but also as a workshop, a storage room, and in some cases, a man cave. This means that there’s a lot more junk and stuff to clean especially after winter.

If you’re one of those people who dread the thought of cleaning out your garage, here’s a systematic way of making it easier for you:

Step 1: Take everything out and prepare your equipment and supplies

The first thing you need to do is to clear out your garage of everything. If the weather is nice, you can place everything outside but if it’s raining, then move the stuff to another room for temporary storage. Ideally, you should pick a day when the weather is nice, so it is best to check on your local weather forecast.

It might seem easier to take on one corner at a time but taking everything out can help you assess how much clutter you need to go through and how much cleaning you need to do. It will also give you a good idea of which cleaning materials you need. This will prevent you from having to go and look for a steel brush and effective weld cleaning solutions for sale at the last minute when you see the unsightly steel and metal in your garage.

Step 2: Declutter and decide which ones to keep and which ones to toss

When it comes to all the junk stored in your garage, take time to go through all of them and figure out which ones you should keep and which ones should go. Put them in piles according to the following categories: keepers, donate/sell, and throw.

You need to be honest and strict with yourself if you’re really serious about decluttering. Don’t justify holding on to things just because you think your kids might still want to use your old pair of ice skates. These are the ones that create clutter in most homes so make the decision and stick with it.

Purge once and go through your stuff one more time and then purge again.

Step 3: Figure out storage solutions that are right for you

Now that you’ve finally figured out which things are staying, depending on what’s left, you will need to look for appropriate storage solutions for them. You don’t want to end up with a messy and disorderly garage, right? After all, your goal is to clean and organize it. So looking for the right storage bins, shelving units, and other boxes is the next step for you.

One of your main considerations is getting proper storage for tools and other equipment. Heavy-duty tool boxes help out a lot but you can also devise a way to utilize your walls and turn them into storage walls.

Step 4: Work on your repairs

wall repair

Before you get to cleaning, take time to give your garage a thorough inspection and look for things that need to be fixed. A busted heater, cracked walls or floors, insulation, pipes, wires, and anything that requires immediate attention. In most American homes, garages bear the brunt of extreme weather which results in the problems we mentioned. And since most of us don’t really hang out in the garage much; unless you have converted it into a man cave, these things can easily go unnoticed. Check every inch of your garage and fix what needs to be fixed so you don’t end up with a worse problem.

Step 5: Give it a deep cleaning

Once you’re done with repairing cracks and fixing hazards, you can now get to cleaning. Make sure that you wear the proper protective gear as garages can house pests, droppings, harmful chemicals, and other stuff you wouldn’t want to breathe in.

Give it a good cleaning. Powerwash the floor especially if it has traces of grease and grime. Clean out every corner, every wall, and keep ensure things are dust-free. You can choose to give it a paint job once you’re finished cleaning it out. The fresh paint can give your garage a much-needed facelift.

Step 6: Put everything back in and start organizing

When you’re done giving the garage a deep cleaning and paint job if needed, it’s time to put things back inside and start organizing. Place things together according to their categories so you have a more orderly storage system. Even as you start putting things back, keep in mind to still purge and eliminate as much as you can to avoid clutter from building up again.

The steps we have outlined above can help you clean and organize your garage systematically and strategically. You can make some minor adjustments to it depending on what works best for you but, generally, they should help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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