Cold Rainy Days Shouldn’t Bother Your Home

rain on roof

Bid goodbye to warm winds, sunny days, and scorching heat, and say hello to wet roads, cool winds, and rainy days. With the rainy season coming in, you can’t help but wonder if your home can withstand the weather and the constant downpour of heavy rains. During the rainy seasons, everybody seems to be a little anxious if their home’s exterior can take the exposure to harsh winds and heavy rain. But if the materials used on your home is of good quality and is waterproof and durable, then it can easily withstand the rainy season.

But if you want to make sure that rainy season and flooding does not spell out a recipe for disaster in your home, it would be best to prepare your home and maintain it early-on to avoid any untoward incidents. Here are some tips in ensuring that your home is ready for the rainy days.

Check for Holes, Leaks, and Rusts

Check all the nook and crannies of your home to see if there are parts with holes, leaks, and rusts. Clean those areas and use waterproof epoxy coating to make sure that it is covered. Make sure that you also check your roofs as it is one of the most weather-beaten parts in your home. When checking your roof, make sure that you wear a harness. Also, ensure that your roof is dry to avoid slipping and falling.


Clean Your Walkways and Regularly Check Your Drainage.

One of the main reasons for flooding is garbage. Make sure that your trash and waste are disposed of properly and regularly so it doesn’t clog your drain. For home maintenance, make sure that you regularly clean your walkways and always check if the drainage is free from any debris so the water can easily pass through it. If you think your drainage and walkways are clogged with trash, call an expert for assistance.

Keep those Gutters Clear and Clean

Your home’s gutter catches the rainfalls and helps in making sure that it stays away from the foundation of your home. Regularly check it because it can’t perform well if it is clogged with dirt, debris, and ice. Spray a hose through them from bottom up to clean the gutters. You can also use a trowel to scoop up the dirt that has piled up over the course of different seasons.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

During storms and heavy rains, your windows and doors can also allow water to enter your home. Make sure that you can open and shut them completely. If you see a tiny gap or if you find it hard to close a window during your home inspection, call your trusted repairman immediately. Keep those windows and doors completely sealed to avoid water coming in and destroying parts of your home. Moreover, a well-maintained door and window greatly help in providing better insulation for your home.

Keeping your home waterproof during the rainy days is important. This ensures that your home and your family are safe when the downpour of rain becomes too much to handle.

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