Leading Causes of Unbalanced HVAC Airflow

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The pursuit of indoor comfort is at an all-time high. This has seen most property owners invest in some of the most intricate interior designs that are routinely retouched to reflect current trends. Even so, there is an inexpensive element that most people forget or do not pay as much attention to believing it does not have much impact. This is their indoor air quality. They assume that provided they have installed an HVAC unit in their property, they can sit back and enjoy optimal indoor air quality.

A heating contractor in Bossier City is nonetheless crucial for the installation and periodic maintenance of your unit to guarantee it delivers the air quality you envisioned. One element few property owners will realize in their interiors is unbalanced airflow. This generates cold and hot spots that lead to the waste of energy by your air conditioner and minimize its useful life because the appliance overworks. The following are the typical causes of unbalanced indoor airflow.

Poor Insulation

Insulation plays a crucial role in keeping the air delivered from your HVAC unit in your interiors. Poor insulation will contribute to air leaks and, consequently, imbalance in most areas of your property. As such, the output from your air conditioner will hardly match the indoor temperature. The insulation of your ductwork is also essential. This is because leaky ductwork causes the loss of conditioned air even before it flows into your interiors.

Wrong Thermostat Location

People assume that so long as they have the right temperature setting on their thermostat, they can sit back waiting for optimal air quality. Even so, the location of your thermostat plays a role in your indoor air quality. Installation of thermostats directly in the path of sunlight or near other heat sources affects their recorded temperatures. This might cause the thermostat to generate cold air that your indoors do not necessarily need.

Solar Heat Gain

Some parts of your property will get higher amounts of sunlight compared to others. These are ordinarily those in the direct path of sunshine. The solar heat gain common in these areas will cause some parts to be toasty hot and others to be freezing as the thermostat tries to balance the air conditioner’s output. The ideal solution in this instance might be window treatments like shades, awnings, or blinds that will reflect or block sunshine.

Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioning unit filters with full of dust and particles

This is the leading cause of unbalanced airflow. Dirty air filters will generally be clogged by dirt and debris that reduces the amount of air that flows through the filters.  Less airflow will, in turn, cause the air conditioner to work harder and tale a long time to heat or cool your interiors. Reusable air filters should ideally be cleaned every 1-3 months, while disposable ones are changed monthly.

With the above issues negated in your interiors, you are guaranteed comfort and optimal indoor air quality. Even so, minimizing the risks of unbalanced air starts right at the purchase of your air conditioner. Pick one whose size matches your interior’s size and needs to reduce unbalanced airflow.

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