Deal with Your Flat Roof Problems Before They Become Worse

Workers fixing flat roof

Workers fixing flat roof

When roofing problems arise, it’s important to call your roofing contractor immediately. Here’s a guide to the common flat roof problems most people experience.

High winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes – it appears that the weather is hell-bent on putting pressure on buildings. Even a flat roof is sometimes not safe from the threats of the weather. This explains the need for regular maintenance and immediate repair. Also, many building problems stem from the roof, and since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, the potential for damage across the building is common. Some potential problems are shrinkage, blistering, and leaks. Companies offering commercial roofing in Ogden, Utah have professional installers and maintenance teams to help property owners keep their roof strong and in excellent condition.

As with different parts of a building, roofs also tend to fade and fail because of harsh weather, wear and tear, and poor maintenance. The trick is to be on the lookout for the telltale signs of damage and do the necessary repairs before it is too late. It pays to know the common problems that may arise so you can immediately call your roofing contractor. Here’s a guide to the conventional flat roof problems you need to know.


This is a common problem in flat rubber roofs and can be characterized by delamination and separation of seams. Ultraviolet radiation is the leading cause, as it damages the membrane through heat aging. Shrinkage becomes inevitable when hardening occurs.

Tenting and Blow-Offs

These problems are related to poor workmanship. For bitumen roof systems, a poor flashing installation may eventually show in the form of open laps and seams. This results in deteriorated puncture resistance, blow-offs, and code problems. In the case of poor fixation to the substrate, some of the issues that arise are billowing and tenting.


Have you ever seen bubbles on the roof? This is a common problem for poorly ventilated commercial roofs. They could occur due to moisture problems, as well. As the roof loses adhesion in some areas, the affected areas start to rise, and space can be filled up with water or air.

Penetrations and Punctures

As the names suggest, these are holes in the flat roof, usually caused by people. There are rare cases of nature being part of it, but roof installers and other people contribute a lot through foot traffic, poor maintenance, and haphazard construction.

Solutions to Roof Problems

Man inspecting ceiling

The above-mentioned roof problems can escalate within no time and cost you a lot later on. To avoid situations that waste both money and time, make sure you inspect the roof regularly and analyze causes to any problems. The solution to any roof problem can be repair, replacement or recovery.

Repair applies for problems that are detected early.

For instance, if the damage to the membrane is minimal, you can consider professional roof repair by a commercial roofing contractor. Sometimes you need to replace the roof when damage reaches 25%. If any of the main components is significantly affected, this can be the best option. The good thing with replacement is reduced maintenance cost and prolonged life for the roof. Still, a roof may be damaged, but not to the extent of demanding a full replacement. This is where recovery comes in. This solution is mostly advisable for sound roof integrity and insulation.

Every commercial building is different, and the circumstances that cause a problem may vary, so it is imperative for every situation to undergo a careful assessment to identify the exact defect. With the help of a reputable roofing contractor, you can rest assured any roofing problem will be resolved successfully.

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