How DIY Window Cleaning Can Go Wrong

hand cleaning window

hand cleaning windowCleaning windows is tedious and repetitive. Doing it on your own can cause more harm than good. No matter how much you want to make your windows look spotless and streak-free, you may be doing something wrong.

Here’s why it’s best to leave the deed to window cleaning professionals like Renova Exterior Detailing.

The Quality of Water Used for Washing is Crucial

To the naked eye, tap water seems clean. But a professional cleaner knows that water flowing may be coming from different places. Because of the unknown sources, tap water may cause unnoticeable damage to your windows.

The impurities aren’t visible when you’re cleaning the floor or countertops. But when you use tap water in cleaning windows, that’s when the impurities show. And the impact can be worse than you think when you combine it with your cleaning solvent.

Distilled water is better to use than tap water. The water doesn’t contain the minerals that can make an unpleasant and streaky mess when used in window cleaning. Don’t worry about the cost since distilled water is relatively inexpensive. It’s a practical choice unless you need a heavy volume of water.

You Might Choose the Wrong Day to Clean the Windows

Clean windows are not just pleasant to look at. They can also ensure the energy efficiency of your home because dirt can reflect UV light away from your property, making it less warm on cold days. Accumulated dirt can also jeopardize the strength of your windows, making it prone to breakage.

But before you start getting the tools together, check the weather first. The day’s weather can also have an effect on your windows. For instance, you have to avoid wiping your windows on a hot and sunny day.

You may think it’s convenient that the warm temperature makes everything dry so much faster, but that’s actually worse. Because of the hot weather, the soap could dry faster before you’re done washing the windows, leaving streaks on the surface.

It’s better to do it on a cloudy day. The day may be gloomy, but that only means that the temperature is just right for some window cleaning. You won’t have to struggle with speeding up your cleaning to avoid the soap from drying up too fast.

You can also opt to wash your windows in the spring, especially after the long season of winter. The temperature gives you more time to use the water and the soap to clean the window before everything dries up.

You Might Use Too Much Soap

woman cleaning window with too much soapExperts know any brand and amount of soap can work for a particular window. But for homeowners, it’s either you’re using too much or you’re using too little.

With too much soap, you will have an overly dense cleaner. The result, unfortunately, is ugly streaks. When you see a streaky residue on glass, it means you overdid the use of soap.

You can make your own cleaner by mixing 1.9 liters of water with 1.9 liters of rubbing alcohol. Add three drops of liquid dish washing soap, and you’re good to wipe those windows.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Let them do the work, and rest instead.

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