Four Design Choices to Consider During Renovation

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Purchasing a house is one of the goals of the American Dream. Because of this, house hunting gives a high. However, some houses just need a certain flare or retouch to make them feel like home.

For a retouch, homeowners can look into trends, so they can update the style of the house. They can also channel their personal preferences to reflect it on the house.

Nevertheless, the renovation process can be exhausting, from changing the interior design to adding some features. This is why it’s extremely helpful to hire home improvement experts that have a wide range of expertise. Fortunately, companies such as All Exteriors have services that work on decks, fencing, siding, roofing, windows, and gutters. So everything that you need can be catered by them.

Here are some things you can add to your home renovation mood board:

Outdoor-indoor living

The outdoor-indoor living is simply the melding of the indoors and the outdoors. An example would be opening the kitchen to the backyard or the pool area. Perhaps, you would want to install a huge sliding door connecting the living room and the garden. It is like creating one big room by joining the indoors and the outdoors. This allows more space to hang out during family gatherings or social events. For parents, the outdoor-indoor feature helps them keep an eye on kids while they play around in the backyard.

Biophilic design

indoor plants

Biophilic design means incorporating nature into the indoors. This means that the house should welcome more light, have a good view of greenery, and add natural pieces into the house. The options range from floor-to-ceiling windows, indoor plants, and wood-colored furniture. Biophilic design is said to have benefits on people’s well-being because it brings them nearer to nature, making them calmer and healthier. Let the light in, and the others will follow.

Add bold design choices here and there

Sure, a theme is necessary to make a design coherent. However, sticking to a certain template can kick out personality and character from the design. Consider adding an accent wall with a design of your choice. If you have artistic friends or want to commission an artist friend, you can have a mural on the focal wall of the house. In some of the furniture—such as cabinets, couch, countertops—you can incorporate rather eccentric color choices that fit your liking. This way, you can still see yourself in the design of the house.


In one way or another, art is incorporated into the home. A music lover, they may have a vintage record player and their vinyl collection displayed right at the center of the room. If the homeowner is into visual arts, they would most likely curate their art collection around the house. A bookworm would probably allot an entire wall for a bookshelf. Different kinds of art factor in the house, and it is the homeowner’s call.

Outdoor-indoor living, biophilic design, bold choices, and art will keep the design of the house up to date without giving up the owner’s personality. There is one thing that needs to be guaranteed, though: hire the right people to do the job.

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