How to Keep Your Pool Clean While Having Kids & Pets

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Pool maintenance, even without children and pets, is already a challenge in and of itself. Now, if you add kids and animals into the mix, keeping your pool clean and hygienic can be ten times difficult.

Don’t want to dump more chlorine in the pool or replace the water more frequently than you have to? Here are the best ways to keep your pool clean but without banning your children and furry friends from swimming in it.

1. Use shock treatment

Many custom pool contractors recommend that their clients administer shock treatment to their pool once a week. “Shocking” your pool involves adding either chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals in the water to kill any remaining algae, bacteria, and chloramines, which are likely to be in higher numbers if kids and pets are swimming in it.

However, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and don’t let anyone into the pool until it is safe to do so.

2. Establish a shower first policy

Showering before going into the pool helps protect the skin from chlorine. At the same time, it reduces the amount of lingering dirt, sweat, and bacteria that enters the pool when you get in it.

Children, in particular, are often careless when it comes to dirt and germs. They touch a lot of things and don’t wash their hands as much. Thus, having them shower before going into the pool helps keep the water clean.

As for pets, give them a good hose down to remove dirt, grass, and excess fur before they dive into the pool.

3. Ban eating or drinking near the pool

Children can be notoriously clumsy, and having them eat or drink by the pool is a risk that you shouldn’t be willing to take. Instead, only allow them to eat and drink at a safe distance. And don’t forget to have them wash their hands so that they don’t take crumbs and chip dust to the pool.

4. Take frequent bathroom breaks

Kids love swimming, and they don’t always feel like getting out of the water to do their business.

Bodily secretions, such as urine, reacts with the chlorine in the water, which produces chloramines that give off that distinct pool smell. These compounds can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, causing irritation and inflammation, among other adverse effects.

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5. Perform maintenance tasks more frequently

The more people (and animals) swimming in your pool, the more frequently you should perform routine maintenance tasks, such as emptying the skimmer basket, cleaning the filters, and checking the pool systems.

6. Keep dog hair under control

Remove excess shedding from your dog’s body before letting them into the pool. To remove dog hair that’s already in the water, use a pool sweep with a skimmer sock. Moreover, keep in mind that you would have to clean out your filters more regularly to prevent the accumulation of dog hair from breaking it.

If you want everyone to enjoy the pool, but without sacrificing hygiene and cleanliness, these strategies will help you keep it safe, healthy, and clean.

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