Hiring an Interior Designer: Questions You Need to Ask Them

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When it comes to hiring an interior designer, you will realize that the search bears semblance with dating. Finding the perfect match is more than just first impressions. You need to make sure that both of you are compatible with each other – that both of you are on the same page

One way of making sure that you are picking the right interior designer is through asking the right questions. That way, you will be able to gauge their experience, their outlook on design, and their vision. But what exactly are you going to ask? This article is here to help you out; below are some of the questions you need to ask your candidate.

What is your specialty when it comes to design?

The first thing that you need to ask is all about the strength of the candidate. You need to gauge their specialty and see if it actually matches your tastes and aesthetics. However, remember that not all designers actually specialize in one thing. But you need to find out how they are going to describe their vision based on the specs of your home and your plan for its look. At this point, it is actually wise to ask them to furnish you a copy of their portfolio of works.

This is my budget; do you think you can work with it?

When hiring an interior designer, questions regarding budget and money should be discussed at the very beginning. This will help you save time, especially if you find out that the designer is actually out of your reach. Show them your budget, the buffer, and limitations, and ask them if your vision is actually possible to complete with the money you have on your hand. Take note, too, that some interior designers have their base line when it comes to budget. When they find that your budget is fit, they will move to the next step of the process, which are usually site visits and topline recommendations.

How do you select your design team members?

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The interior designer that you will hire will not work alone. They will hire their team members, and they will look for contractors specializing in specific things such as flooring or molding. You have the freedom to ask about how they select their team members. Try to find out their backgrounds and past works. After all, you will want to know the people who will work on your home.

Have you worked on a similar project?

When you are checking the interior designer’s portfolio, ask if they have already worked on a project that is similar to yours. That way, you can determine if they are going to have a hard time working on your home. It would also be nice to tie back the design you see in their portfolio to the design you want to achieve.

Keep asking

Remember, you are spending a large sum of money here, so asking lots of questions is justified. And while you are an interviewing them, try to find out if they can actually communicate without hesitations. Keep in mind that the success of home improvement projects depends on the communication between the client and the supplier.

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