Home Improvement: The Pandemic’s New Hobby

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Home is where the heart is — it is also where work is, and where the school is. Nowadays, it is where everything is. There has been a great shift. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been doing most things at home. From accomplishing office tasks to school work, the home has been a haven for all sorts of activities. Given this situation, most people have started redecorating their homes to suit their needs and tastes.

Everyone and everything has been reacting to the recent health crisis. Have people been obsessed with interior design lately? With the onslaught of the pandemic, everyone has been changing their homes and spaces to give way to new lifestyles in the New Normal.

Home improvement or home adaptation?

What is Home Improvement? Home improvement encompasses rebuilding structures, checking for needed repairs, and evaluating home maintenance. Before the pandemic, this could mean looking for a heating and vent service and an air conditioner design and installation service to maintain your home’s comfortable temperature during extreme weather. During the pandemic, though, people have been changing up their homes. Can this be called home improvement or home adaptation?

Most people have been revamping their spaces during the pandemic. With everyone’s changing lifestyles due to quarantine restrictions, most activities have had to be done at home. What else is left to do with this situation than to make the most out of your living space?

TikTok Interior Design School

Due to quarantine restrictions and possibly everyone’s cabin fever, trends have popped up online regarding interior design and adjusting their living space according to their needs. These trends have been popular on the new online platform, TikTok. On this platform, users have shared some useful advice on how to revamp one’s space.

TikTok users often promote DIY projects. In line with this, they have suggested TikTok interior decor ideas that other users can easily follow with simple items on hand. Not everyone is on this platform, though. So what can you do to adjust your home setup?

Aligning Your Lifestyle

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Since the home has become the gym, school, and office, what should we do to avoid the mixing of work and home life?

At home, we need to set boundaries. Since most of us are staying home all day, our bodies need to have a sense of structure and time to avoid further cabin fever. To set boundaries, you can redesign your space depending on your work schedule and activities. Here are work-from-home (and study-from-home) tips to get you through the quarantine period.

Assign a workspace for each family member where it is off-limits during work hours. Make this space productive by keeping it organized with folders and boxes to keep your papers and office supplies. Purchase (or DIY) shelves to keep you motivated during work. When outside work hours, try to stay away from this work area. By doing so, it will allow you to separate work from family life.

Ensure that your workspace has enough room for you to move around in. we are talking about the actual space around your desk wherein you can take a few minutes to stretch out your muscles in between online meetings. This will improve your posture and improve your productivity if you are not slumped in front of your desk continuously all day long. Rearrange your workspace furniture to suit your space requirements.

Uplift the mood in your home with pops of color! Add a bright decor or two, and maybe repaint your walls a vivid shade of blue to keep your spirits up during the quarantine period. People have been drawn towards saturated shades of color these days because most people have been looking for ways to make the home happier.

Designate a gym area. This one is for your physical and mental health. Assign a room or space in your living room where you can set up your home gym equipment or your yoga mat each day without distractions. You must maintain a regular fitness routine to keep your immune system in good shape.

Is it cabin fever or a new obsession?

Given the worldwide health crisis, no one can really blame people who have been so engrossed in online trends. Interior design during this health crisis is just one of those passing trends that happen to be very useful in daily life.

We have been dealing with the quarantine period for almost a year now. Cabin fever is an understandable side effect, and DIY interior decoration is simply a way of coping. No room for judgment here. Everyone has their own style and taste. What is more important is how we maintain a healthy mind and body throughout this crisis.

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