Miss Going to Restaurants? Get Your Dining Room to Look Like One Using These Tips

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While 2021 appears to be more promising than 2020, the new coronavirus strains don’t guarantee an end to the pandemic anytime soon. This means all your vacation plans and social gatherings will have to be postponed yet again as you endure further isolation at home.

It’s discouraging, yes, but don’t assume all hope is gone. A lot of people are reconnecting safely in person through various means, and if you think you’re up for that, then here’s a fun way to do it: transform your dining room into a mini restaurant.

A restaurant-themed dining room is a great way to socialize with a few of your friends and family members without exposing yourself to crowds. The change of indoor scenery will also refresh your mind and help you enjoy your time quarantining.

The best thing about it is that it’s not difficult to achieve at all. With the help of these tips, you’ll end up with the perfect space for safe socializing and happier meals.

Lighting is Your Friend

Are you worried that your dining room is too small? Rest assured that there are plenty of ways to make the space look bigger, starting with the right lighting. The ideal choices will open up the room and reflect instead of trap light. If you have several windows in your dining area or a few big ones, then use them to your advantage. Replace your block out curtains with roller blinds and lightweight drapery to let the sun in.

Try pendant lighting to emphasize the vertical space, and go for metallic or translucent fixtures. If you want to take it a notch higher, why not employ commercial lighting services for that final touch that will accentuate the room come dinnertime? There’s no end to how much you can achieve with a little creativity in your lighting choices.

Wall Paint is Crucial

White is a popular choice for those who want to create the illusion of a more spacious area. It’s also easier to decorate if you feel like changing themes now and then. For those set on a specific aesthetic, don’t be afraid to use vibrant or darker colors. Just remember that the shades you use have varying effects on your mood.

Go for deep blues, browns, and even black to establish that cozy feeling. Play with oranges, yellows, greens, and reds for a Mediterranean appeal. On the other hand, grays and faded blue and yellow shades are best for a minimalist space that is easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

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Artworks Set the Ambiance

Remember the murals, typography, and artworks you love in your favorite restaurants? You can incorporate them in your dining room design to recreate the ambiance. Make use of columns and neglected corners to print your favorite quotes. Like in pendant lights, you can highlight your vertical space by lining up artworks in columns. ;

Some dining rooms extend to the patio, which is a feature you should take advantage of. That blank wall beside the patio doors is the perfect space for a mural. Decorate the artwork with fairy lights and some potted plants, and you’ll have the perfect outdoor space for dinner with friends.

Commercial Dining Room Supplies Add Authenticity

A restaurant-themed dining room will fall short without the presence of commercial dining room supplies. It’s always the bartending equipment, buffet tables, dry food dispenser, and coordinated flatware that makes the ambiance feel more authentic. You won’t need every kind of commercial ware to achieve this. Select a few that you can regularly use, like coffee brewers, juice carafes, pilsner glasses, and maybe even a tabletop food bar.

Since your kitchen isn’t likely to be partitioned off your dining room, it’s a good idea to invest in things like catering carts and chafing dishes. Leave a chef’s uniform on display nearby, and have a small marker board on the countertop to announce the day’s meals. Those who feel adventurous can use or display server supplies like trays, table bells, and money trays. It’s all up to you how you want to achieve that restaurant vibe. The trick to making it work is to stick to one aesthetic and direct all your investments to it.

Enjoying the Experience

A little change in scenery and safe socializing is always good for your mental health, especially during the pandemic. Give yourself a break from your daily routine and start working on your restaurant-themed dining room. Your 2021 might just feel more promising because of your at-home restaurant experience.

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