Home Security Features that Burglars Hate

CCTV Cameras

Home security doesn’t have to be a complicated thing: in fact, some of the simplest security features can be enough to deter even the most persistent of burglars, just make sure it can be seen.

But before we go to the most effective home security features that burglars hate, let’s take a look at some security features that actually help burglars:

Solid Fences

Solid fences, even picket fences, might be great for keeping your dog in the yard and to demarcate your property line, but it also works as effective hiding places for would-be thieves. Couple your fence with thick bushes, and you’re basically giving burglars an excuse to rob your house. A chain-link fence might be the best option for this instead.


The right to bear arms is enshrined in our constitution, but that doesn’t mean that every burglar in your area knows that you own an assault rifle for protection. Even if you have signs that say you’re a proud, red-blooded American who owns a gun, it’s not going to be enough to keep thieves out. Worse, if your property is tempting enough, it might even encourage burglars to carry their own firearms.

Fake Security Cameras

You know those boxy, fake cameras you can get at the dollar store that kind of look like security cameras? Yeah, burglars know that it’s fake, too. It doesn’t deter them: in fact, it might just encourage them, knowing full well you didn’t invest in any kind of home security. Instead, get the real thing.

Now that we’ve covered security features that burglars love, let’s look at home security features that burglars hate:

A Guard Dog

Man’s best friend is perhaps one of the oldest, and still one of the most effective, security features a home can have. If you’re going to get a guard dog, the bigger and louder, the better. Just make sure you train them well so they don’t get bribed with treats!

Nosy Neighbors

Security features don’t always have to be technical: in fact, simply having your neighbors pass by your house on a regular basis can be enough to let would-be burglars know that you live in a tight-knit and protective community. Remember: most professional burglars will case out houses prior to robbing them, so let them know that you and your neighbors regularly check up on each other by having your next-door pals drop by your house whenever they want.

Window Locks

Windows are practically one of the most popular entry points for burglars, but it’s also one of the noisiest. If a burglar can see, however, that your windows are secured by locks, they won’t risk shattering it just to get in. Bonus points if you make it obvious enough that your window also has an alarm system.

Motion-Activated Lights

Burglars are master sneaks, but even the best sneak-thief is no match for motion-activated lights. This security features is readily available in most stores, and are great at letting people know that someone is moving around your property. Couple this with extremely bright halogen lights, and no burglar is going to want to risk being in the spotlight in the middle of the night.

Doorbell Cameras

doorbell camera

Doorbell cameras are one of the hottest new security trends for homeowners, and it’s also one of the most effective. As its name suggests, the device is a small camera mounted on top of your doorbell that allows you to see and record anyone who’s at your front door. Smart cameras can also be installed so that it only activates and records when it detects motion. If a burglar is aware of this, they’re not going to risk getting their mug shot taken before they’re booked at the precinct.

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