The Frustrated Artist: 3 Ways Nature Can Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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It’s one of those days again. You need to get that article done or that artwork submitted before the clock strikes twelve, but your creativity is missing. Your mind and hands have betrayed you, and you feel you’re not going to meet the deadline.

It’s a frustrating scenario, but not one without remedy. There are plenty of ways to get your creative juices pumping, especially when you need it most. One of them is through spending time in nature.

Reduce Stress with Gardening

plantingYou’re likely surrounded by more concrete than greens. While skyscrapers and architectural wonders leave you in awe, they don’t compare with nature’s healing effects. By now, it’s popular knowledge that one of the things nature helps you with is stress management.

When you’re stressed from long hours of work, your eating and sleeping habits take a terrible turn. It’s a downward spiral from there that makes creativity blocks a more frequent nuisance.

Take thirty minutes or an hour a day cultivating your garden. Even flowers and vegetables grown in containers on your balcony can reduce stress by a significant amount. It’s a practical alternative to planning weekly visits to Copper Falls or Potawatomi State Park. The budget you would’ve spent on gas and meals can go instead to tools from lawn and garden stores in Wisconsin.

The countless ways you can get creative with your garden is a therapy in itself. Even touring garden stores for materials that suit your space has the potential to relax you and trigger creativity.

Boost Memory with Daily Walks

Artists pull from a variety of sources, many of which are images or lessons stuck in their memories. It’s also where you first tap for solutions to problems you’ve been experiencing with form or color schemes. While it’s always an option to Google things, nothing beats an uninterrupted momentum when you’re working.

Taking daily walks in a small park can give you the memory boost you need for your creative work. Whereas gardening gets your hand and mind busy, a walk is a more straightforward task that sharpens your brain.

Experiments involving walks in arboretum followed by a memory test proves that nature does help in improving people’s performance in this area.

Also, it might be high time for you to step up your exercise routine with this. It’s tempting to sit behind a desk all day to finish your work but do your best to squeeze in that much-needed walk. It’ll do more than your memory a lot of good.

Restore Energy with Vacations

There’s no denying that sometimes, what you need is a vacation. Not in an amusement park or a fancy city, but in a place where you can experience nature.

Artists are prone to fatigue after weeks and months of non-stop creative work. No matter how much you love a project, it’s natural to experience dead ends in your creativity.

Instead of beating yourself up for it, you should accept that it’s a natural part of the process. You need rest, and a nature vacation will benefit you the most.

Hike with a group or canoe alone in a crystal-clear sea. Camp under the stars or try the famous ‘forest bathing’ that Japanese people consider preventive medicine. Exploring nature gives you the quality rest your mind and body yearns for. Who knows? The experience might even inspire your next project.

There’s no better combination of therapy and inspiration than nature. It’s your cheapest, most accessible, and healthiest option to stay creative. Go ahead and start your mini garden, commit to regular walks in the park, and schedule your annual vacation. You need nature to keep your artistic abilities in top form.

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