How Much Should You Really Spend on Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Under the swimming pool

Under the swimming pool

Residential swimming pools should expect to spend $233 for a one-time cleaning service, which is the average cost in the U.S. The typical cost ranges between $122 and $372, although it could be as low as $50 or even up to $700.

The actual cost will depend on several factors including your location. If you live in Utah, the price of professional swimming pool maintenance in Salt Lake City may be different than in Provo. The pool’s size, the frequency of cleaning, and difficulty of work will also determine how much you would spend on maintenance services.

Price Factors to Consider for Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool may significantly increase the value of your home, which prompts some people to have them installed. However, this could be put a dent on your household budget, so be prepared to know the cost of maintenance. Annual expenses for basic maintenance may cost up to $1,800. The addition of repair and utility costs may increase this cost up to $5,000.

Less frequent maintenance, or those done every month, cost slightly less than weekly service. You should expect to spend $125 on average for weekly or bi-weekly service, while monthly maintenance costs $115 on average. Other expenses such as repairs, filter replacement, and utilities may cost between $140 and $665 for each time.

DIY or Professional Help: Which is Better?

Backyard swimming pool

Some people choose to do the work themselves to save money, but the trade-off involves spending more time and energy to complete it. The hourly rate of professionals cost at least $75 per hour, which compels them to perform a DIY project.

You have to be quite knowledgeable about using chemicals and tools for pool cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good that may lead you to hire a professional to fix the mistake. For instance, an improper filter replacement may cause a ruptured tank due to an incorrect setting on your pressure gauge. This is particularly common with sand filters.

Swimming Pool Facts

You don’t have to worry about having trouble finding the right service provider. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals’ data showed that there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the country. This indicates a stable demand for cleaning services, particularly among families with children between seven and 17 years old.

That’s because they arguably engage in swimming as a recreational activity more than any other age group. As children are more susceptible to diseases, it’s important to ensure proper chlorine levels in your pool. It takes around one minute for chlorine to kill most bacteria, including E. coli, if your pool maintains a proper disinfection level.

Homeowners could maintain and repair swimming pools by themselves, but this requires time and effort on your part. You may only spend a small amount for a DIY project, but remember that you would have to be familiar with using the right materials and the proper way of using them. It makes sense to hire professional pool service providers, particularly if you require more frequent maintenance.

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