How Much Should You Spend for Driveway Resurfacing in Utah?

Home with a smooth driveway

Home with a smooth drivewayHomeowners in Utah should expect to spend at least $400 on average for resurfacing a damaged concrete driveway. This is the national average for 100 square feet of driveway space for this year, but the actual cost would depend on several factors, such as your location in the state.

For instance, as Lift-Up Concrete and other experts noted, the cost of professional concrete repair in Salt Lake City will vary from a suburban area. Rates in the city are generally more expensive, but that doesn’t mean that the price in a small town would be cheaper, especially if you have a large driveway. Most people, however, could spend from as low as $300 up to $500 for this project.

Costs Per Square Foot

A resurfacing for a simple concrete surface will definitely be cheaper than one with a decorative overlay in terms of price per square foot. The latter may cost between $7 and $12 per square foot, while stamped concrete driveways may range between $8 and $20 per square foot. Basic driveways, or those with a single stain color, only cost between $3 and $5 per square foot.

It’s better to hire a professional when planning to resurface your driveway, particularly for homeowners with decorative or stamped concrete. Resurfacing may be expensive, but it remains more affordable than installing a new concrete driveway. A replacement could easily cost around $3,700 for a 38×16-foot driveway.

Other Ancillary Costs

Woman getting money from her walletIf your driveway connects to the garage floor and it’s damaged, the cost of a resurfacing may cost more than a few hundred dollars. You should consider applying a coat of water- or solvent-based epoxy on the concrete surface. This would protect against cracks and the usual wear and tear.

A water-based epoxy costs at least $30 per gallon, while solvent epoxy is worth at least $45 per gallon. Another additional expense involves the decision to change the surface of the driveway, such as from a basic surface to one with a decorate overlay. Whichever you choose, there are certain benefits and disadvantages to a concrete driveway.

Pros and Cons

Driveways with a concrete overlay are easy to maintain and lasts long. These are also moisture-resistant and an eco-friendly choice. On the other hand, some of its disadvantages include the difficulty of removing stains and liquid marks from vehicles. Any mistake on a concrete resurfacing project will also be difficult to correct, so a DIY project would not be a good idea unless you are highly familiar with the process.

Large projects are also labor-intensive, which is another reason not to do it by yourself. It also requires annual maintenance such as applying a sealant to prolong its lifespan. Concrete driveways may last up to 50 years, given that you take good care of it.

Concrete resurfacing for a driveway generally costs less than replacing the old slab. When choosing a contractor, ask for at least three price quotes from different companies to have a better comparison of rates. How much are you planning to spend on a resurfaced driveway?

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