How Much Should You Spend in Missouri for Siding Installation?

Tools used in installing sidings to the house

Homeowners in Missouri should expect to spend as low as $525 up to $30,000 for a siding installation this year, although the total cost will depend on several factors.

The cost of labor serves as a key factor that affects the actual price. A siding contractor in Kansas City or anywhere in MO could charge per square foot of the area or by the hour. While it’s hard to determine the usual cost of labor due to differences in home sizes, you could still control your expenses by knowing the pros and cons of using a siding material.

Types of Sidings

Brick and stone, fiber cement, metal, vinyl and wood comprise some of the most common types of sidings. Fiber cement is the cheapest at a minimum price of $0.75 per square foot, while brick and stone are the most expensive ranging from $6 per square foot to $15 per square foot. However, this is arguably the most durable material compared to the other options. It’s also a naturally insulating siding that could reduce your utility bills.

A certain drawback of installing brick and stone siding involves the services of a skilled mason. This can’t be a DIY project because of the complex process, and you can’t reap the benefits when it’s not installed properly. On the other hand, vinyl can be installed without the help of a professional. Choose this option if you want to save time and money from repainting your home once every few years.

Don’t expect your house to increase in value if you use vinyl sidings, unlike brick and stone. Wood sidings are perfect for those who want their houses to have a natural look, yet can’t afford to spend on brick sidings.

Most Popular Choices

It’s not surprising that vinyl is one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to the low cost, but so are metal and fiber cement for different reasons. Metal sidings are common in areas with high temperatures, while fiber cement is a sustainable material that’s a good choice for the environment-conscious homeowner.

Take note that metal sidings are easily prone to dents and paint doesn’t stick too well on these fixtures. Some types are also likely to rust over time. If you take care of it properly, metal sidings are pest- and rot-resistant.

Installing sideings to the house

Fiber cement’s disadvantages include cracks when the foundation settles, so it’s important for a professional installer to prevent this. Be prepared to spend extra on the cost of labor, although it’s a worthwhile expense if you live in a place where fires frequently take place. In terms of aesthetics, fiber cement has the qualities of wood with the durability of cement.

Most homeowners spend around $5,000 to $14,300 for siding installation, but this price range could be too high because of the quality of materials. Consult a siding contractor if you remain unsure of the best siding for your home, and remember that spending a lot doesn’t always mean that you would get your money’s worth.

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