How to Attract More Customers on the Street


Many people say that one of the factors that affect a business’ success is its location. But you might find that even if you establish your business in an area with high foot traffic, you might not be getting the results you were expecting. It may be because you’re not attracting the right audience, or it may simply be because your business doesn’t stand out enough to make an impression for anyone passing by.

If you want people to remember your business or get a random passer-by to want to enter your store, you need to make an impression by putting your store’s best foot forward. These three tips can help you catch their attention.

Use Outdoor Signs

Without outdoor signs, people walking by your business will either ignore your business or forget about your business completely. An outdoor sign has three purposes: it announces your business and helps you establish where you can be found; it draws people to come in, and it establishes the first impression potential customers have on your business.

By investing in a quality eye-catching sign, you set the tone for what customers will think about your business. A clean and modern-looking sign gives the impression that you’re a business that takes its customers seriously. And Design Shack recommends sizing your signs appropriately, depending on how far you want foot traffic to see your signs.

Focus on Your Store Windows

Another part of your business that can leave a good or bad first impression is the way you design your windows and what people outside can see at a glance.

A store window that shows them what they’re looking for in a business like yours serves as an open invitation to come inside and expect quality service. But a window that’s poorly designed can serve as a warning telling potential customers that they’re better off shopping elsewhere.

It really depends on the nature of your business as to how you should decorate your store windows. For example, a boutique would have styled mannequins posing at the window, while a restaurant would display posters of their menu or specials or just let the window show your appealing dining area.

Build an Online Presence

Just because you’ve established your business on a street with high foot-traffic does not mean you can forego creating your own website and/or social media platform. Around 81 percent of shoppers research the product and the business they want to shop in before going to a physical store to make a purchase. And when they arrive on your business’ street, those outdoor signs are what can lead them to you and make a sale.

It’s not enough to establish your business in a street with high traffic. If you’re not making the effort to let your business stand out and catch the attention of people on the street, you’re still invisible to them. Because the outside of your store is the first thing passers-by will notice about your store, it’s worth the investment to make your business look appealing from the outside to drive them to go inside.

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