How to Create a Modern Patio with Comfort and Style

Modern living room patio

Modern living room patio

Are you in the process of designing a modern outdoor space for your home? Or are you planning to do a modern makeover for your current patio? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

The modern style is defined by straight lines and edges, symmetrical positioning of elements, and a minimal colour palette. Putting this together creates a neat and organised design that’s refreshing to the eyes and alluring to the senses. In the UK, glassrooms are used as a “closed patio” for those who want the experience of both their interior home and their garden. Some use concrete, wood, and lawn to create an extension of the home that stretches out into the garden. Here’s how you can use the modern elements to create a stylish and comfortable patio for your home that the whole family will love:

Use Sliding Doors

The pathway from your interior home to your garden should be a smooth transition. One way to achieve this is to use sliding doors. These doors can be made of glass with aluminum or wooden frames so that you can take advantage of the garden view even when they’re closed. Sliding doors save a lot of floor space, giving you more opportunities to create space for comfort.

Use Bricks

One of the materials often used for modern design is bricks. You can have them on your wall or use them as flooring, depending on your overall design.  Using bricks can give your patio character, especially if they’re used to accentuate a certain area. You can have them installed in one corner against a wood panel wall or as stepping stones along a lush lawn.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

Patio with fireplace

Having a fireplace in your patio can give your entire outdoor space elegance and style. You can have a rectangular fire pit surrounded by wooden benches on one side or a fire bowl smack in the middle of your patio with wicker chairs around it. This element is perfect for intimate outdoor gatherings even if the weather is cold.

Use Concrete Plant Boxes

The plants you choose for your garden play a huge role in a modern patio design. Yes, there are plants that will come straight right out of the ground like grass or tall bamboos to line your walls. But it’s also important to use different types of planters to create a more textured garden design.

Install a Water Feature

The sound of flowing water is always a good thing to have in any place of relaxation. You can have a bamboo fountain in one corner or a concrete birdbath in the middle. You can also create a small footbridge that goes over a pond of Koi fish to add a touch of the Modern-Asian style to your patio and garden.

A well-designed outdoor space seems like a requirement for every home these days. If your home follows the modern home design, these elements will work perfectly with the kind of patio you want to achieve. Try to incorporate these tips to your patio design, and you’ll soon see the modern outdoor space of your dreams come to life.

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