The Link Between Clean Carpets and Good Health

Fluffy carpet on the floor

Fluffy carpet on the floor

Everyone walks all over your carpets every single day anyway, so why have them cleaned? Well, it turns out there are several compelling reasons to call your local professional carpet cleaners more often.

Besides being more eye-catching and pleasant to look at, carpets that are kept clean and good smelling have an impact on your health. It also saves you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy new carpets every few years. Here are the best reasons you should include carpet cleaning in your maintenance schedule.

Protects Your Health

Carpets can be found in almost every home and office. They protect the floors and cushions the sound of feet when you walk on them. They also add pops of colour to any space, making it look more elegant. However, they can be potential health hazards if they aren’t cleaned properly and regularly.

·         Good Indoor Air Quality – Carpets can trap air pollutants and other foul odours in their fibres. They are also prone to becoming damp when people with wet shoes or clothes walk in, and damp carpets can be the breeding place of moulds. Regular carpet cleaning eliminates foul odours, mould and mildew, which, in turn, will improve the indoor air quality of your property.

·         Allergen and Bacteria-Free Surroundings – People and animals who walk on your carpets have been everywhere, and they bring with them allergens and possibly disease-causing bacteria. Carpet cleaners use anti-bacterial cleaners when deep cleaning carpets, so they are cleaning your carpets on a microscopic level too.

·         No Dust Bugs and Bed Mites – Carpet and rug fibres can also trap in dust bugs and bed mites. These critters love hiding in the fibres, where they can make permanent residence. Most of the time, simple vacuuming or sweeping isn’t enough to get rid of them. This can be dangerous for young children who are fond of crawling or lying down on the carpet.

Protects Your Carpets and Rugs

Electric vacuum cleaner

Carpets and rugs can be expensive, but because they are beautiful, people are willing to invest good money on them. Cleaning carpets regularly extends their life. By removing spots and stains, you keep them looking good for a longer time.

Deep cleaning also removes soil and other particles, which may have been trapped in the carpet. Professional cleaners use cleaning agents and tools that make the carpet looking new. This way, you don’t have to shell out money to buy new carpets earlier than usual. You can maximise the use of your carpets.

Improves Overall Aesthetic Appeal

Walking into a house or office with immaculately clean carpets is a big plus point for guests and potential clients. Clean surroundings always reflect well on the homeowner or company. While guests and clients wait, their eyes roam everywhere, and the carpets are always one of the things that they look at intently. By keeping your carpets clean, you’re improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. This can win you praise or more closed projects.

Carpet cleaning should be part of your regular home or office maintenance checklist. You can keep it clean on a day-to-day basis by running a vacuum cleaner or sweeping it to get rid of dust and debris. However, for a deep and thorough clean and disinfecting, have a local cleaner come in every month or so. Your precious carpets do need some TLC.

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