How to Make Space for Peace in Your Home


Maintaining peace at home can help a lot in managing stress. Waking up and coming home to peaceful sanctuary lets you and your family face the world with a calm and productive outlook.

Find out why this is important and what you can do to invite peace into your home.

Why make your home peaceful

When you lead a busy life, finding the time to improve your home can be very difficult. However, getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle is often a  source of stress and illnesses. You need to dedicate time and energy to create a peaceful home, but the relaxation and stress relief it gives you will be worth it.

When you have a peaceful home, it’s more inviting to guests and you feel encouraged to spend quality time with the family. Having an environment where everybody can have fun and relax strengthens your bonds and social support.

A peaceful environment gives you more room to breathe. Being surrounded by clutter can drain your energy and stress you out more. The breathing space, serene atmosphere, and bonding time with loved ones in your peaceful home does the opposite of living amidst clutter.

Declutter and organize

These classic home makeover activities also apply when making a peaceful home. It may seem a chore — and it is — but cleaning and organizing your stuff has  a lot of benefits.

Aside from relieving you of stressors, tidying up can also save you money. Things get lost in the clutter, like bills and items that you had to replace. You may even find things that you can pawn or sell. It is a productive mindfulness exercise, and a form of physical exercise, as well. You can also elevate it to a bonding activity with your loved ones.

Each of us may have our own ways of decluttering and organizing, but you can also use proven methods, such as the popular  KonMari method. This method focuses on keeping only the things that spark joy, and discarding the rest with grace. You tidy by category and not by location, and do so in one fell swoop. For many, it effectively changes their mindset and keeps them from reverting to old cluttering ways.

Create special spaces for stress relief activities

It is difficult to maintain stress-relieving habits when you have a lot of other priorities. When we get busy, we let other activities come first, and ultimately neglect to manage our stress. This reversion can be averted by building a physical space that is exclusively for relieving stress.

The space can be the  pool deck, garden, hot tub, or a special relaxation room inside the house. It will be a physical reminder to sustain the motivation to keep your stress-soothing habits.

Passive stress relief

These are elements that subtly contribute to stress relief and can be present anywhere in the home.

Aromatherapy is a highly-beneficial passive stress relief method. It  eases depression, anxiety, and stress, and certain types of pain, including osteoarthritis of the knee,and pain from kidney stones. It improves sleep, and alleviates cancer treatment side effects, such as pain and nausea. Putting an essential oil for aromatherapy on your skin also fights bacteria.

Music also subtly adds to the peace in your home. Depending on what you play, it can energize or relax you, and relieve stress in general.  Music has many benefits, like improving your mood, strengthening your memory, and increasing verbal intelligence.

All of us want to find peace everywhere, and it should start with our homes. By allowing peace into your home, you are letting it become a part of you and your family, which you, in turn, will radiate unto others.

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