How to Take Care of Your Generator


A generator can last for several years if you apply proper maintenance on the unit. If you need further assistance, find the best generator engine repair service in Trinidad and Tobago. Learn the proper ways to maintain your generator to have a smooth operation in your business facility.

Every piece of equipment, either driven by fuel, solar or electric, is subject to breakdowns over time. If you have the proper maintenance, you can extend the service life of your equipment. You just need to follow these steps:

1. Secure Warranty for the Unit

For some people, investing in a generator can be expensive, but the benefits that it brings are unparalleled. If you rely more on your business for a living, you can’t afford to stop its operation when the power runs out. That’s why you need a generator to continue getting income for your family. Moreover, if you have a generator in your facility, it will help you reduce insurance premiums because the insurer is confident that your business can dodge risks.

2. Dedicate a Safe Space for Your Generator

Since the generator is a significant investment and vital to your business, you must ensure that it is situated in a safe place. Inspect all the sections of your building to ensure that there are no leaks that can damage your business assets. Most industrial building owners have a dedicated garage or room for their generators to protect them.

3. Keep the Equipment from Overheating

Consult a licensed technician to ensure that you are using the right cables for your generator. Investing in the right materials will help you avoid mishaps, such as premature burnout of the equipment. Most users are buying heavy-duty cords to ensure safety. You may also choose a longer cord for your generator to avoid the hassle brought by the noise of the generator when in use.

4. Testing Your Generator

There may be times when you don’t have to use the generator, especially if the weather throughout the year is fine and there’s no power interruption. Technically, not using your generator excessively can help prolong its service life. But it’s the battery in the unit that you need to continually check to avoid inconvenience when the time comes that you need the generator. It is recommended to test your generator every three months to see if everything works fine.

5. Checking the Filters, Gas, and Oil

Generators use gas, oil, and filters to serve its purpose. When it runs out of gas, it leads to an engine problem. To prevent this, make sure the tank is always filled with gas. You also need to ensure that the engine has sufficient oil and the filters are working fine after a prolonged period of operation. Other people are stocking enough oil and filters for convenience.

One of the common causes of property fires and casualties is improper handling of the generator. Let the equipment cool down before refilling the fuel tank. Avoid any spillage. Use a flashlight if you need to operate the generator at night.

The generator can provide you with the utmost convenience and peace of mind during power outages. Get it from a trusted equipment provider to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

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