How You Can Bring Home a Five-Star Experience

a woman placing white linens on top of bed

Staying at a luxury hotel or posh condo is made even more special by small touches. Having scented candles beside the tub, a bottle of champagne, a box of imported chocolates or a set of toiletries to pamper yourself with all add to the five-star experience.

However, slipping into satiny-soft sheets and beddings tops the list of most hotel guests. Hotel beddings are known to be top-of-the-line and ultra comfortable. Unfortunately, they are said to be very expensive, too.

Nowadays, people can order top quality luxury beddings online. There are reputable suppliers who market premium sheets, blankets, pillowcases and bedroom sets at much cheaper costs. This way, homeowners can recreate the comfort and relaxation of their hotel stay experience.

It Is Not Always About the Thread Count

There is a myth about equating the quality of sheets and linens with what is called the ‘thread count’. The term refers to the number of threads present in each square inch of fabric. According to industry standards, a higher thread count means the sheets are softer and of higher quality. However, some manufacturers have cut corners and now use thinner multi-ply threads, which can be spun and twisted more times. This results in a higher thread count, but the quality is not the same as true luxury brands.

As an example, a high-quality 300-thread count sheet will feel infinitely softer and more comfortable than a supposedly 600 or 800-thread count sheet made from inferior thread. So if you are buying sheets and beddings based on thread count alone, you may not be getting a good bargain. You also will not be experiencing the same luxurious feel of five-star hotel sheets.

Cotton Stands for Comfort

pillows and linens made up of cotton

Satin sheets may sound sexy and expensive, but the most comfortable ones to sleep on are made from cotton. The real good ones are Pima, Egyptian and organic cotton. Egyptian cotton has been around for hundreds of years and has been valued for its long fibres and resilience. It can stand a good number of washings and steaming or ironing without damaging the thread. This type of cotton is made special by the kind of soil and weather conditions in Egypt. Manufacturers have tried to grow the same cotton plant in different countries like India and Pakistan, but the result is not the same.

If premium Egyptian cotton is beyond your budget, you can also try for 100% organic cotton. It is not as expensive as Pima or Egyptian cotton but is also soft, comfortable and restful to sleep in. The unique thing about cotton is that it is breathable. When a person lies down on the sheet for several hours, it is important that their skin remains cool. This is often the problem when using sheets made from synthetic materials. They do not breathe, so the person lying on the sheets become uncomfortable and restless. The quality of their sleep suffers.

Expensive does not always mean the best. In the case of sheets and beddings, you can look for premium quality ones online without breaking the bank. Look at labels and read the type of material used as well as the thread count. Most importantly, try the sheets on and see if they are as comfortable and as soft as you would like them to be. This way, every night’s sleep will feel as restful and luxurious as a hotel stay.

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