Security Features to Add to Modern Homes and Shops

person installing security camera

person installing security cameraWhen it comes to security features, home and business owners should be very picky. In these dangerous times, it is best to make use of modern security measures to avoid falling victim to break-ins, thefts and other crimes.

The features may vary depending on the location and the style of the house or building. It can be a condominium unit, an apartment, a town home, a sprawling mansion, or a large commercial complex. All these can have modernised security features customised according to your needs and preferences.

Choosing a Security System

There are various choices to look at when determining security systems that will suit the kind of home or business you have. There are certain requirements for the kind of walls where the security system will be installed. If it is a rented home or a business lease, check your contract if you are allowed to make such changes.

Wired security alarm systems need to be installed with wires behind the walls. This is best suited for new building constructions and mobile homes because it is easier to run the wires. This is a kind of alarm system that is not advisable for apartments and rental homes, which are better suited for the wireless alarm systems instead.

After the alarm system is installed, homeowners are given the option to add more security features to enhance their current setup and protect their residence in even better. Some features that you can add are the following.

Keychain Pad

This can be provided for each member of the family so that you can all easily arm and disarm the home system.

Motion Lighting

You can install this outdoors, and it will illuminate areas when the sensors detect movement. Having this will deter criminals in the perimeter and also help you catch trespassers red-handed.

electronic key and finger access control system to lock and unlock doors

Combination System

Some homes can benefit from a combination alarm system such as those with doggy doors and older homes with sheetrock. Security windows can also be added for an extra level of protection. For commercial establishments in Sussex, the window installation can be outfitted with added security features to prevent break-ins after store hours.


It is best to install security cameras both outdoors and indoors. Outdoor cameras can scare off criminals and give homeowners a view of potential elements lurking outside. There are special camera features, which allow owners to access their homes or shops online even if they are away on vacation.

These are just the basic security features that can be installed to protect both homes and businesses. In most cases, newer buildings are already equipped with upgraded security and alarm systems with key IDs or even biometric scanners.

Those seeking a new home or are building their new place of business should take time in deciding the kind of security features they want. Security is certainly as important as choosing the other features of your property. Whatever system you decide on will help keep your property safe and secure from any eventualities in the future.

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