What Is Curb Appeal and Why Does Your Business Need It

modern house with large and beautiful curb

modern house with large and beautiful curbCurb appeal, to many, is a rating of how attractive your building is when observed from the street. The score you get depends on how good the exterior of the building looks, your landscaping, how outdoor fixtures looks, the quality of your sidewalks and how well-maintained your driveway is.

While homes and high-end offices can tick all the above checkboxes, most commercial office or warehouse owners can only toy with a couple like installing good commercial parking lot paving or taking care of their outdoor walls and fixtures.

Why Do You Need It?

Many first-time buyers judge a place with a single glance from the street. A good number will avoid a store just because it looks dirty and unappealing from the street while others will walk on if they feel it doesn’t feel good enough for their image.

At other times, some tender loving and care will not only make your business more appealing from the street but also tell passersby what you do. This, according to studies, increases the chances of diverting more customers from the street into your place of business.

What Can I Do to Improve?

Better curb appeal isn’t as expensive as it sounds. If you are on a tight budget, a couple of nudges here and there can do the trick. Here are some of the things you should prioritize on.

Clean Up and Get Rid of All That Murk

Sometimes, curb appeal is as simple as cleaning up and letting the building’s inner beauty shine through. Don’t wait for the local authority to take care of the public pavement in front of your shop. A regular scrub and daily sweeping will make your business stick out from the rest.

Dusting your outside walls and cleaning your display windows often gives you that inexplicable charm people attach to clean places. You will have to hire commercial cleaners or organize yourself to do daily and weekly cleaning on your own.

Repair Walkways, Driveways, and Steps

Paver laying driveway pavement out of concrete pavement blocksPotholes on your driveways and crumbling sidewalks are as dangerous as they are unappealing. Save up some money and hire a professional contractor to redo or repair existing damage. This will not only make your business safer for your customers but also boost the general look of your business from the street.

Invest in Signage to Make Your Business More Visible

Nowadays, curb appeal does more than just entice passersby. It is a great way to tell GPS users that they’ve arrived at their destination.

Many map users will be looking for a bold sign with your business name or a memorable picture they saw on their favorite maps platform. Proper signage and décor that stands out will make it easier for such visitors to find you.

Many businesses neglect curb appeal since they think of it as an extra expense that they can overlook without any consequences. Making your business premises stick out will draw in more business by making you a lovable place to existing customers and an intriguing place to check out for first-time visitors.

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