Infestation! Hotels Have Bad Bed Bug Problems

close up picture of a bed bug

close up picture of a bed bugBed bugs are a problem everywhere in the nation and hotels in Utah are feeling their bite. These nasty critters are all but impossible to get rid of — especially for places frequented by numerous travelers.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs became a serious problem for Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah, beginning from 5-6 years ago. Hotels that entertain a large number of travelers are highly susceptible to bed bug infestations, and multiple infestations in different hotels put the problem into the limelight.

Bed bugs are difficult to control — often needing a quarterly pest control service that usually involves heat treatment. The usual procedures to get rid of pesky insects don’t usually work on bed bugs. These bugs are hardy and can stay dormant under harsh environments.

Their eggs are even harder to get rid of — with heat treatment being the only reliable solution. A single egg or a hitch-hiking bed bug in some unwary soul’s luggage can turn into an infestation in just a couple of months. Regular monitoring and treatment are required to get rid of these pests, but hotel management would often overlook these hidden dangers.

Serious Health Concerns

sick lady lying on the couchChronic exposure to bed bugs can have serious impacts on your health and well-being. Bed bug bites can range from being mildly irritating to seriously inflamed. Continuous exposure to these pests can lead to sleep deprivation, increased stress, heightened anxiety, and numerous conditions associated with infection.

Recently, bed bugs have been found to be a vector for the deadly Chagas disease — caused by the parasite Trypanosoma Cruzi. According to the CDC, around 8 million people are affected by Chagas disease. The majority of those infected are mostly in Mexico, but there are an estimated 300,000 cases in US soil.

Affected individuals can develop serious heart and gastrointestinal diseases, which can become fatal if left untreated. Close to 50,000 people die from Chagas every year, but the disease can easily be treated with medicine once it is diagnosed.

Looking for Signs of Infestation

Hotels are the most vulnerable places for bed bug infestations, but your home is not safe either. You may not frequent a hotel, but you come across multiple people throughout the day. Bed bugs can hitch a ride on people’s clothes, bags, and luggage — so it’s best to know the signs of infestation, so you can react accordingly.

  1. Spots of blood on your pillows or sheets. Bed bug bites leave traces, and blood marks are strong indications that you have bed bugs.
  2. A musky coriander-like odor. This odor is from the sweat glands of bed bugs. If you can smell it, they’re there.
  3. Maroon spots on the mattress or nearby furniture. These spots are actually blood-rich bed bug feces.

Bed bugs are more than just an irritation. They can seriously affect your mental health and bring deadly diseases to your doorsteps. Learn what to look out for and get the number of a local exterminator. The spread of these bugs are almost impossible to stop — but you can get rid of them once you see the earliest signs of infestation.

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