Is It Smart and Practical to Use a Gas Fireplace as a Primary Residential Heat Source?

Outdoor fireplace at night

Outdoor fireplace at nightA roaring fire to keep the cold at bay worked very well for the occupants of log cabins in the first settlements in America. At the time, it was a comfort for families to gather around the fire together. Times are different these days though. If only it is enough to heat a typical modern home with logs and kindling. Modernity has offered some alternatives. Yet many of us still keep fireplaces in our homes, albeit more contemporary ones such as gas fireplaces. Each gas fireplace has a subtype, any of which can be perfect for a house, depending on the requirements of the homeowner.

That being said, we must try to figure out whether a gas fireplace is what a typical Salt Lake City house indeed needs for effective and efficient heating. Below are some insights on the subject:

A fire you do not need to tend and maintain

Winter in Utah can be quite cold, compared to other States. Add to that the fact that some people are just less receptive to the cold, and you may have a problem on your hands. You do not want the house to freezing during wintertime. Thankfully, you do not need to chop logs with an axe and store firewood near the back door either. You can rely on a gas fireplace instead. There are three types of fireplaces using gas for fuel, namely inserts, built-ins, and log sets. When your goal is zonal heating, you had better not invest in a log type. It looks nice, but it does not produce enough radiant heat.

Effective and efficient heating

Indoor modern fireplaceTwo types of gas-fueled furnaces produce the same amount of heat you can expect from a traditional roaring fire. Inserts and built-ins are efficient, convenient and as effective as the wood-burning version. Radiant heat keeps out the chill, and warm air gives the interiors a cozy atmosphere. The fuel you use will not go to waste. As much as 99 percent of the energy is converted to heat without any loss. For wood fires, the figures are not as great. You only get as much as 30 percent of the energy of the fuel as heat. Logs look great, and offer unequaled ambience, but gas is a practical and smart choice.

The appliances we recommend are free from hassle. You get all the advantages without having to allot time for bagging ashes and cleaning the room of a smoky tinge. Moreover, there is no need to spend on a chimney on the roof. Vented furnaces require something less bulky and expensive. A gas fireplace need not be confined to the living room—they can be installed anywhere, even outdoors! The list of pros goes on.

Obviously, a gas fireplace is ideal and practical for anyone who wants to install one in their home; even for people who want to upgrade their outdated models. If you are one of these people, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional service provider who can install the furnace in your house.

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