Stay Safe: Making Your Home Ready for Tornadoes


Tornadoes have always plagued Kansas City, and the changing climate has even given tornadoes new levels of intensity and frequency. Sooner or later, Kansas will experience a freak alignment of circumstances that can give rise to a massive tornado that can bring about massive damage and loss of life.

However, there are ways to stay safe from the “Big One” or any other tornado nature can throw your way.

Build a Stronger House

No amount of huffing and puffing can blow your house down if it is made of masonry or concrete. Reputable masonry contractors in Kansas City can create houses that can stand 250 miles per hour winds with little to no damage.

Traditional framed wooden houses are cheaper and easier to build, but their structural stability does not even come close to concrete houses. Wooden houses can be torn apart by fierce winds, and their light materials provide very little protection once a tornado is overhead. Building with concrete creates a solid structure that is both dense and heavy. Concrete will hardly be affected by strong winds, and its inherent weight and structural stability allow it to minimize any damage brought on by tornadoes.

A concrete house will cost a little extra, but the safety of your family and your house is all but assured. There will be no instances when you will have to turn to insurance to rebuild your home and even all your possessions stay untouched no matter the conditions.

Dig Deep

Big Tornado

If a concrete house is out of the question, then building a secure basement or a storm cellar is the least you can do for safety. Tornadoes can sometimes form incredibly fast and with little warning. A secure place to pass the storm ensures your family can stay safe even as a tornado ravages above.

Your house can be severely damaged as the surface area and light materials of a wooden house make it extremely vulnerable to strong winds. However, a basement with a small opening can be enough to prevent winds from finding sufficient purchase to affect those staying inside. Bigger basements are ideal if you have a large family or if you want to save most of your valuables. Make sure your basement has solid construction as this could affect the safety of your family.

Plan Ahead

Bug out bag, go bag, or survival kit — whatever you call it, you need one. Stock up three days’ worth of water and food and the necessary medications for everyone that needs it. Make sure to make additional plans if you have senior family members in the house or living within the area.

Make a map of every possible route away from your location, as well as possible shelters along the way. Be updated on local weather news through the television or radio, or create a network with friends and update each other once one of you hears troubling news.

Tornadoes can cause massive amounts of damage and put your family’s life in peril. A stable house can change all that, but vigilance and preparation can also keep your family safe.

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