Have a Furry Friend? Keep Your House Pest-free and Healthy

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Some stats claim there are more cats than dogs in America; others say dogs are on top of every other pet in terms of numbers. But there’s no doubt both cats and dogs top the chart when it comes to the most popular in the Land of the Brave. The American Veterinary Medical Association details 38.4% of American households that own dogs, while only 25.4% own cats in 2017. Overall, that translates to 48,255,413 dogs and 31,896,077 cats.

That may sound a lot. But those numbers are conservative, knowing that not all dogs and cats are accounted for in the country, and not every owner goes to a veterinarian. Then again, we get the point that no pets are held dear by Americans more than cats and dogs.

As much as we love felines and canines, they can introduce health complications that you wouldn’t want to trouble you. Top of the list is viral infections such as rabies. Put in the mix fleas and a slew of bacterial infections (Salmonella, Brucella, Pasteurella, etc.), and you know owning these pets can be a tall order.

The good news is there’s a way everyone in the family can be safe and sound even when dogs and cats abound. It all starts with preventative care. Plus, timely tips from experts should get you to rest easy and sleep at night with no worry in the world.

Sharing a Bed

First stop, know that the best way to keep your dogs and cats healthy is via preventative care. It’s essential that you observe a regular schedule for wellness exams. This allows medical experts to treat health issues in your pet early on to avoid complications in later stages.

A series of vaccinations, deworming, and heartworm prevention are just some key components of wellness care. By doing so, you ensure the pet is as healthy as can be free from the scary influence of pathogens. In the long run, you free your household from harm.

When you share a bed with your furry friends, it’s best you don’t take your bedsheets for granted. Your usual routine of washing them twice a month may not cut it. Know that furry pets usually harbor fungal organisms that could cause skin complications. The least of your worries are ringworms, as scabies from mites transmitted from dogs could hound you. And the results are never pretty.

How About the Couch?

As you may know by now, you subject your sofa to all sorts of humiliation if you let your feline or canine companion enjoy it with you. We’re talking about pet odor, stains, scratches, and pet dander which could trigger allergies.  It’s bound to be embarrassing if you let a friend or a visitor in.

However, before you send your furry friend packing to the doghouse, consider changing or cleaning the upholstery fabric. That should be true even if you let experts change the upholstery for you for best results. Insist on tight-weave material such as microfiber, denim, or canvas. On the other side of the fence, never use high-maintenance ones such as suede, velvet, and silk.

Then again, you can pull a Cesar Milan and train your dog or cat to spare the couch. Of course, this is why crate training is best done when your dog is still a puppy. Plus, you can give them an alternative chew toy to keep them off those throw pillows on your couch.

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Caught Off-guard by the Flea Season

Summer is here, so your guard should be up. It’s flea-and-tick season time. Take note that the flea season can even extend longer for sunny states such as Florida. There, summer can go as long as four months. That explains why the beach HQ of America is called the sunshine state.

Worse, pundits detail fleas could find a home in your house all year round. That’s also true for ticks. It’s not hard to conclude fleas are a nightmare. Not only can these parasites transmit diseases from Lyme disease to the dreaded plague, but they are also hideous monsters in the micro-world.

Your best bet is to bring your pet animal to the vet. That way, the medical expert can see the extent of the infestation and prescribe an appropriate treatment in no time.

A good way to start your journey against these little pests is good grooming. Also, give extra attention to the ears when you bathe them. If not dried properly, yeast infections and other bacterial complications could ensue.

It’s a tall order. But it’s a small price to pay to have the comfort of a pet best friend that is loyal and caring.

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