Key Signs You Need a Professional Plumber

Plumber fixing sink pipes

Plumber fixing sink pipesAs a homeowner, you want to be as hands-on as possible when it comes to your home’s needs. Therefore, running to the store for some DIY kits and tools is always an option you consider whenever something breaks down around your house.

However, when it comes to problems with your plumbing system, DIY solutions might not always be the answer. It is important that you know when you should call a professional plumber from companies like 1 Stop Mechanical Inc. in Woodbridge, VA. Here are some of the most common signs of plumbing problems that you need to watch out for.

No hot water or no water at all

When water is not coming out from your pipes, the first thing you should do is to check the valves if they are on. Meanwhile, if hot water is not coming out, check if the heater is on and whether or not it has been set at the right temperature. If these do not work, however, then you might need to call a plumber to identify the problem and provide you with an immediate solution.

Blocked pipes

There are a lot of possible reasons behind a blocked pipe. You might think that pouring hot water or a baking soda and vinegar solution might work in unclogging drains, but if the blockage is more severe, these home remedies will basically be useless. Call a plumber to know the source of the problem and have it fixed in no time.

Frozen pipes

Do not attempt to thaw frozen pipes by yourself. They might be more fragile than they look. Using your hair dryer in an attempt to melt the frozen sections of your home’s pipes might only do more harm than good.

New installation

Professional plumber with his plumbing kitIf you have just purchased a new washer, washing machine, or any appliance that requires a water source or sewage, then getting the services of a professional plumber is a must. This can help ensure that you will not only have your appliance correctly installed, but also prevent the disruption of your sewage system and water flow. Call in the experts too when you require the transfer of supply lines and drains.

Sulfur or sewage odor

If you have been smelling rotten eggs in your home, it is highly likely that you have a broken sewer pipe under your property. If you do not have this fixed immediately, this can cause great damage to your home’s foundation and lead to environmental issues as well.

Gas odor

If you smell gas, meanwhile, it is a sign of a gas leak. This is a serious problem. Make sure to call the experts the soonest time possible and instruct everyone in the house not to use any of your appliances for the meantime. Take the necessary precautions to avoid igniting a natural gas explosion.

Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms in your home recently? If yes, seek help from a professional plumber right away to prevent the problems from getting worse and leading to costly repairs in the future.

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