How to Create More Space in Your Warehouse

Woman at the warehouse checking inventory

Woman at the warehouse checking inventory

Warehouse space management is a never-ending discussion, especially as businesses experience growth and face seasonal peaks over time. But you do not need to resort to building a new and bigger warehouse facility just yet to accommodate your growing inventory. You can increase the storage capacity of your warehouse simply by maximising every inch of space in your facility. Here are some tips you might want to follow.

Utilise Vertical Space

If your warehouse is not as spacious as you would want it to be, utilising vertical space should be your first call to answer. Make use of storage media to cover as much span height as you can in your warehouse. At the same time, rather than setting up on the ground, you can utilise warehouse mezzanine systems to stay ‘on top of things.’

Get the Right Shelving

The shelves you use in your facility are dependent on the racking system that you have to increase the capacity of storage in your warehouse. If you are not using the pallet floor storage or stacking blocks, for instance, then your shelves should be the right type for your warehouse. Make sure that your shelves are at a height that will not be strenuous for your employees to reach. Keeping your employees safe at all times will help boost their productivity and efficiency at work.

Maximise Over-Dock Space

Aside from utilising the space above your aisles, why don’t you use the space above your dock doors as well? With a standard pallet rack, you can store here cardboard boxes and other light-load items to free up more storage space for other bigger and heavier items.

Choose Proper Packaging

Worker pulling a pallet truck with boxes

The type of packaging you use on your items will affect storage utilisation in your warehouse. While you might need to store more items in large containers due to their size, others might require smaller packaging. Make sure that you do not use large packaging unnecessarily, as this will use up most of your storage space.

Ensure Organisation at All Times

Keeping the warehouse clean and organised is a tough call. However, organising items in your warehouse can lead to realising a lot of space that can improve your storage. Make it a point that no clear pallets and boxes are left sitting on the floor.

Narrow Your Aisles

How wide are the aisles in your warehouse? If you feel they are a bit too much, you can choose to redesign your aisles with a width that is just enough to accommodate your material handling equipment. But of course, never compromise the safety and efficiency of your employees when taking this step.

In conclusion, proper warehouse space management is all about making sure that every inch of space is well utilised and maximised. Yes, you can store as many items as possible even in a small warehouse space as long as you know proper utilisation. Proper packaging, stacking and organising the warehouse are your best answers to having more space for storage for your company’s growing inventory and needs.

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