Must-Dos Before Buying a Granny Flat Kit

Small house

Small house

Looking at the many granny flats in Australia, it is a sure indication that they have become popular among young couples and elderly relatives alike. And it is clear why.

Not only are granny flats easily customisable; they are also affordable, making them a great alternative to high home prices. If you are planning to build a granny flat right in your backyard, do not forget to do the following things.

Do some background research first

There are many places to get information on granny flats. You can search on Google, ask family and friends who already own one, or contact a builder of granny flat kit homes. Get as much information as possible, including their advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the features you can add to it as well. This will help you know what to expect once you start building your own.

Consider your location

The cost of building a granny flat, the process of building it and the regulations that apply to it will be determined by your location. Different cities have different building regulations and some cities might not even require approvals.

The location of your home will also determine whether your granny flat can be built onsite or will have to be transported to the site once built. Of course, building onsite is cheaper since the delivery cost can inflate your budget.

Meet with your builder

Architect with his client

Once you settle on a builder, make it a point to meet with them. Let them know what you want in your granny flat. Ask as many questions as possible and seek clarification where you are uncertain. By the time they leave, you should both be in agreement of what is to be built and how.

However, do not make any hasty decision. If you need time to digest some information or do your own research, let them know politely. Do not be coerced into anything you are not comfortable with.

Be open to new ideas

When you talk to your builder, get to know also what other options are out there besides a granny flat. Are they cheaper? What benefits do they have against granny flats? There are so many options in the building industry.

Think about the features you want

Decide on what features you would want to be added to your granny flat. Consult with your builder and confirm whether it is possible to have these extra features. They might suggest alternatives or even better features that will be ideal for you.

Learn about the fees

Whereas building a granny flat is a cheaper alternative, you must still consider that you will need to pay for the delivery of the kit, the onsite works (plumbing, electrical and kit installation) and legal fees. Often times when people hear of the kit price, they get so excited until reality hits them with the additional costs that come with it. Make sure that you put aside some cash for any additional expenses.

Granny flats have become so popular for their affordability as well as customisability. However, it is best to be informed so that you can make the right decision on whether to get one or not.

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