Types of Materials for Vinyl Fences

Tree next to a fence

Tree next to a fence

Property ownership is a dream come true for most people. Keeping it safe from intruders and prying eyes while enhancing its exterior look is important. The ideal choice for this is the installation of a fence. You have different fencing material options for your property. Vinyl is the most popular choice among many property owners these days.

The popularity can be attributed to the minimal maintenance requirements of vinyl fencing in your Salt Lake City property. United Fence Company explains that this type of fence is easy to clean and doesn’t need regular repainting or refinishing. Vinyl is also resistant to warping, cracking, corrosion, peeling, rotting, and mold growth.

But not all vinyl fences are the same. There is a range of material options available for your vinyl fence. Here are some of them:

PVC Fences

This is the most common material choice for vinyl fences. PVC closely resembles wood and will not peel or splinter, making it a safe and sturdy option for your property’s fencing needs. The fence is also easy to clean and generally require little maintenance. For property owners looking for an aesthetic benefit in their vinyl fence, PVC can be customized to blend into different outdoor décor. PVC fences are sometimes known as virgin vinyl fences.

Recycled Vinyl Fences

The characteristics of recycled vinyl fences closely mirror those of PVC or virgin vinyl fences. Recycled vinyl, unlike the latter, however, includes other elements other than new PVC, which are combined to make a strong fence. Recycled vinyl is an inexpensive alternative for new vinyl and an ideal choice for budget-conscious individuals. But the fences might not be as durable and aesthetically pleasing as virgin vinyl fences since they have a lot of variables in their mix.

Vinyl Coated Fences

Wooden fence
This is, in fact, is wood fencing that is dipped in PVC to get a vinyl finish. The fences have the exquisite look of virgin vinyl fences and are cheaper compared to the latter. The durability of your vinyl-coated fence primarily depends on the type of wood used. Should you pick a hardwood or treated wood variety for your fence, this will last longer than other wood types. The wood will, however, have high maintenance needs to keep the fence looking great.

HTP Fences

This is a high tensile polymer fencing material. HTP fences are popular in the farming sector where they are used for the containment of animals in different areas of a property. The bases of HTP fences have wires, which make them durable and strong. They are your best vinyl fence choice if you have animals on your property.

In the past, vinyl fencing was only available in PVC material. Thankfully, there is now a wider range for these fences to fit everyone’s needs and budgets. The above vinyl fences come in different styles to meet every property owner’s needs, tastes, or preferences. These include privacy, semi-private, picket, post-and-rail, and pool fences. You can personalize these fences by increasing their height using different methods or inclusion of plants and flowers to enhance their appearance.

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