Approaching Tile and Grout Maintenance from Different Angles

Workers placing tiles on the floor

Workers placing tiles on the floorThere is an undeniable charm in tile floors and kitchens. Natural stone exudes a classic aura, while ceramic lends a utilitarian feel. Tile is durable and guaranteed to last for many years. You can put it anywhere in the house, but its versatility creates a problem: maintenance.

The Buildup of Grime and Dirt on and in between Tiles

The structure and design of ceramic and stone tiles make them susceptible to the buildup of grime. The porous surface will not be immune to elements that mar the surface or even cause illness. The kitchen and bathroom are particular areas of concern. The spread of germs and disease-causing microorganisms might be happening on tile surfaces of your home right now. What can you do to keep your family safe and your house immaculate?

Deep Cleaning Is the Answer

Reputable tile and grout cleaning services have the means to restore dirty surfaces. If you decide to clean in between dirty tiles yourself, be ready to go down on your knees with a toothbrush and a smelly mixture of vinegar and baking soda. It is not going to be a walk in the park, and your back will suffer much if you do not observe proper biomechanics while hunched over the task. If you have done this before, you already know that an icky toothbrush is the most you can show for it. Some grout lines are just too stained to restore to their original gleam. The answer to the question of maintaining tiles is deep cleaning. After all, porous surfaces will be harboring grime and dirt below the surface.

Best Results with Oxygenated Bleach

Grout maintenanceHarsh chemicals irritate the skin. You must be aware of the protective equipment you need when using chemicals such as oxygenated bleach. It is not such a huge hazard, but it can cause serious harm to limb and property when mixed with vinegar, so keep them separated at all times. Incidentally, oxygenated bleach ranks high on the list of effective tile cleaning solutions because of its sodium percarbonate content. Mixing oxygenated bleach with water yields a substance that is effective, nature friendly, and non-toxic. You should try it the next time you decide to clean the bathroom tiles by yourself.

Tile Cleanup: Immediate Response

When you spill something on a tile floor or kitchen counter, you have to clean it right away. Wipe the mess with an absorbent towel. Once a week, use a tile vacuum so that the grooves do not accumulate dust and dirt. Do not stop there. Use a mop and clean the tile surface with warm water once a week. Lastly, get relevant information about the best type of cleaning for the tiles you have chosen to install. Not all cleaning solvents available in the supermarket will be equally effective, and tile materials respond differently based on their physical and chemical properties.

There are no guarantees if you approach tile and grout maintenance blindly. Instead, review available products systematically and consider availing professional cleaning services if your tiles require specific cleaning tools and procedures.

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