What Benefits Do You Get From Design Build Services?

design-build services

design-build services

Design build (DB) services are based on a contracting method wherein both the design and construction phases are simultaneously done throughout the life of the project. Often, they are used when an owner wants to save time, implementing the project quicker even before the final design is completed. There are many advantages of design build services.

Fundamental Benefits

1. DB offers a reduced design time. By hastening schedule, it cuts space generally reserved for design. Contractors can expedite schedules since some parts of the construction process can be done before a design is completed.

2. DB makes drawings simpler. A final design is far more elaborate than a partly completed design. This also allows for customisation to actual site environment easier to implement.

3. DB shortens the construction calendar. With long lead items determined earlier, construction is quicker. Design changes and delays are avoided due to a high level of collaboration among the owner, designer, contractor, and subcontractors.

4. DB lessens communication issues and order changes. With only one point of contact, communication channels are simplified. And with the contractor being able to address gaps, change orders are avoided.

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Empirical Benefits

Based on research by the Penn State University in the US, a shift to the DB method of contracting can produce important results in the life of the project. Design build contracts can:

1. Improve construction speed by 12 per cent;

2. Hasten project delivery speed by 30 per cent;

3. Cut unit costs by 13 per cent;

4. Ensure a project to be completed within 5 per cent of the budget; and

5. Offer a higher chance of finishing the project on time in line with project goals on quality.

Design build contracts are best fit for projects with shorter time frames. It requires smart planning and preparation. And it guarantees a collaborative atmosphere where project members are in unison with a common goal: finish the project on time with high quality.

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