Landscaping: Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

house with trees

Home improvement projects increased during the pandemic. Since people were working from home, they finally saw the improvements needed to enhance the appearance of their homes. But most of these home improvement projects focused on the interior of the home.

Here are some ways homeowners can improve the curb appeal of their homes through landscaping.

Work on the Lawn

The first thing people can do is to work on the lawn. They can start by mowing the lawn properly, which means not cutting it too short since the grass may not absorb energy from the sun when it’s cut too short. Instead of raking the grass clippings, they can leave it on the grass since it adds essential nutrients into the soil once the clippings decompose.

While the grass clippings can enrich the soil, using a well-balanced fertilizer can brighten and thicken the lawn. Homeowners can put fertilizer on the lawn every three months. They can use organic fertilizer, especially if the household has children and pets. These types of fertilizer are safe and free of any insecticides.

It is also important to keep the lawn watered properly. So, homeowners should take out the sprinklers to water the lawn. But they should avoid flooding the lawn since too much water can damage it. Around one to one-and-a-half inches of water is suitable to moisten up to six inches of soil below the surface.

Trim the Tree

The next to do is to trim overgrown shrubs and remove any branches that are blocking the façade of the home. The homeowner should also ensure the address numbers, windows, and walkways are visible from the street. To check this, the homeowner can stand on the street and see if the home is visible and nice to see.

They can also prune tree limbs if the grass under the trees is thinning. This allows more sun to reach the grass and allow it to grow. Reseeding the area can also help the grass to grow. For homeowners who have no equipment to trim the trees or cut branches, they can hire tree surgeons to do the work for them.

Clean the Hardscapes

Cleaning the paths, walls, and other hardscapes is another good way to enhance the overall look of the home. A clean driveway, patio, or deck is pleasing to the eye and can easily draw attention to the house. There are several cleaners available in the market that can remove mold and mildew. Some of these cleaners give a good result within 24 hours of application.

Additionally, adding secondary hardscape elements to the home also enhances its curb appeal. For instance, the homeowner can add a flower bed along a deep sidewalk as an accent. A bench is a good addition to areas with shrubs and perennials. Homeowners can think about what’s already on their lawn and add something to highlight it.

house with a lawn

Add Color

Adding color to the lawn is also a great way to increase the curb appeal of any home. Using vibrant plants in decorative containers may do the trick. Homeowners can also add colorful flowers that line up the path leading to the door. But before planting anything, it is important to consider the style and color of the house. The plants should complement the color and style to ensure they enhance the overall look of the property.

Homeowners can also add rock gardens that do not require much maintenance. They can add rock garden plants or plants that drought-resistant. These plants can survive in low-water conditions, including yellow alyssum, pasque flowers, purple ice plants, and candytufts.

A succulent garden is also a good idea if the homeowner doesn’t have much time to spare in taking care of the plants. These types of plants require little watering and can live in different types of climates.

Replace the Mulch

To ensure the landscaping looks nice and fresh for a long time, it’s a good idea to add new mulch every so often. Flower beds look great when much is initially applied. But it will grow thin over time. In these situations, homeowners should replace it. They can add around two to three inches of fresh mulch.

Mulch allows the soil to retain moisture, which is beneficial to the plants. It also insulates the soil and prevents evaporation. Mulch ensures lower root temperatures to allow the plants to get the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Additionally, homeowners can add mulch to enhance the overall look of the lawn in front of the house.

Home improvement should not focus only on the interior of the house. Homeowners should also enhance the landscape to give their homes a better curb appeal.

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