Let More Natural Light into Your Home with These Ideas

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There is something about natural sunlight that perks up the mood. Having that sliver of light by the living room from the window on a slow Sunday afternoon to having a ray of sunshine in the kitchen while making breakfast gives off a wonderful nostalgic feeling that lightens our mood.

But making us happy isn’t the only positive effect natural light offers. From an interior design standpoint, it makes a room seem much bigger or spacious. From an economic point of view, it also helps save money, as you won’t have to turn on lights during the daytime if the room is flooded with natural light.

Spring is here, and if you are looking into some “light” renovations for your home, here are some things you can do to brighten up your abode.

Consider the Type and Color of Paint

When choosing colors for a new paint job, you will want to choose based on the part of the house in question. For example, you don’t really need all that gloss if you are painting your ceiling, so flat white paint is just fine. On the other hand, you will need more reflective, higher gloss paint in the kitchen because you want most of the natural sunlight for you to see better.

Speaking of reflective, you also want to consider paint colors that reflect more light, depending on which room you will paint. This is measurable, known as light reflectance value, which you can see in the back of paint swatches. Basically, the color white reflects the most light, and black the least light.

Use Mirrors and Glass In Strategic Places

Placing a mirror perpendicular to your windows or doors can effectively give you more natural light without the direct glare you would get from tiles or metal. Similarly, using glass blocks can also let in more sunlight in parts of the house that are a bit farther from your windows. Instead of using a full solid wall partition, you can separate two rooms with glass blocks.

Remember that glass blocks generally do not have load-bearing capabilities, so you will need to install headers where you will put the blocks, as you would if you were to install doors or windows.

Consider Adding Widows or a Skylight


If you are up for a bigger reno project, you can add more windows or install a skylight where possible in your house. A skylight can be a real help in adding light to tighter spaces like corridors or hallways. It also provides more visibility on those places without the need for artificial lighting because the light would be coming directly from above. Depending on the size of your skylight, it would spread the light more evenly.

Look Outside Your House 

Another part of your house that can give you more light is your eaves. Painting it white will reflect light into your house and will also freshen it up. After all, this part of the house is often overlooked, so think of a new paint job for it as part of your maintenance too.

Additionally, allowing more sunlight into your home is not limited to interior works. Your yard can also play a role in creating a more refreshing atmosphere for you. Instead of a blocky closed-off wooden fence, opt for an aluminum fence to allow more light in your yard. Not only is it more lightweight, but it is also much easier to maintain and clean.

Strategic Furniture Placement and Better Lighting Solution

If it isn’t within your budget or your schedule doesn’t have the space for renovations, your best bet would be to move your furniture around. Placing your furniture near your light source can give you more lighting and brighten your experience inside the house. If you have bulky furniture that you find too dark on the eyes and impossibly heavy to move on your own, perhaps it’s time to let go of it and exchange it for lighter, more modern ones.

As for lighting solutions, though it may cost you, it is good to invest in recessed overhead lighting because having several light bulbs across the ceiling helps spread light throughout a large room without eating up precious floor space. And speaking of floors, getting a light-colored rug can also help brighten up a room.

Overall, when we think about natural lighting, we think of wider windows, utilizing and almost overdoing the color white and smart indoor lighting placement. While these solutions are not unfounded and definitely useful, there are other creative ways you can let the sunlight into your house.

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