Get Inspired with These Loft-Style Home Building Tips

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Loft-style house plans have grown in popularity over the years, especially in cities where space is a luxury and in tiny homes where each square footage counts.

With their high ceilings, bright and airy rooms, and grand atriums, what’s there not to love about these unique house plans? In fact, this style can now be found in homes where space isn’t an issue, thanks to its ability to open up a space and give a home that understated elegance.

So if you’re still thinking about which style to use for your new home, read on to learn more about the benefits of a loft design and how you can make the most of this layout.

Benefits of a Loft Design

Before we move on to the design tips, let’s talk about the practical and aesthetic benefits of a loft-style house:

More floor space

The main benefit of a loft house is that it gives you that extra floor space to build any type of room. Whether it’s a home office, play area, an extra bedroom, or an entertainment area, your options are endless.

Plenty of natural light

Building an atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows means you won’t need to turn on the lights during the day. Natural light will simply flood into your space and give it that bright, airy feel.

Improved ventilation

Loft-style homes typically have huge operable windows at the top, which helps provide natural ventilation. Plus, installing windows or doors at the opposite side of the atrium wall will allow for cross-flow ventilation, which simply means fresh breezes, good indoor air quality, and lower air conditioning bills.

Understated elegance

Have you ever been inside a house with tall ceilings and your first impression is “Wow, this house looks grand!” You can achieve that with a loft-style home, minus the hefty price tag. Any home with tall ceilings gives off that air of classic elegance and luxury.

Playful environment

Loft-style homes are sometimes inspired by treehouses, with their atrium-like feel, ladders, and a unique vantage point to the rest of the house. A loft-style home has that natural playfulness to it, inspiring a fun and creative environment that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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Tips for Building a Loft-style Home

With every home style comes unique interior design challenges. But if you follow these tips, you can make sure your loft-style house looks beautiful and functional.

Install glass windows

Glass windows are a no-brainer when it comes to loft-style homes. They can make any room look and feel bigger and bring the outdoors in. An atrium wall decked out with glass windows also means that even the rooms on the second floor will be well-lit. But be sure to install tall curtains or operable blinds for days you want to cozy up or enjoy some privacy. You might need to get a man lift for rent to install your windows safely.

Experiment with texture

As with large rooms, it’s important to play with texture so it doesn’t look dull and bland. Instead of painting the walls and ceilings with the same color or using the same materials, play around with different textures, instead. For example, raw concrete can be paired with exposed wood and metal. White paint goes well with grainy wood and ceramics. Break the monotony of white walls with a wooden slat ceiling. Apply the same technique with your fabrics and furniture.

Hang large pendant lights

Loft-style homes are where you can go bold with your pendant lights. Be it a grand chandelier, eclectic showpiece, or large industrial pendant lights, you won’t go wrong. Plus, big light fixtures will make tall ceilings look less open or cavernous.

Decorate your walls

Loft interiors are all about vertical space. So if you’ve got an empty wall, give it some life and color by hanging paintings, unique sculptures, planters, tapestries, picture frames, you name it. You can also have an accent wall to direct the eye to a specific area, like a sofa.

Fill it with warm, plush furniture

A loft could feel cold and open. But with the right blend of plush furniture, comfy fabrics, and warm decorative pieces like a fireplace, lamps, poufs, area rugs, and plants, you can turn your loft home into a cozy, inviting space.

Pay attention to scale

Tall ceilings can dwarf your furniture and other accessories. To avoid that, pay attention to scale. Make sure you get pieces that are proportional to the space you’re decorating. You can do so by filling up wide, empty spots in the ceiling, hanging your curtains high, and using big furniture.

Use the extra space

You can convert half of your loft-style home into a two-story area, which you can turn into anything, like a home office, guest bedroom, or even an exercise or yoga room. This helps break up your house into different sections and provides pockets that are cozier and more private.

With these tips to guide you on your journey, you are sure to achieve your dream loft-style home.

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