Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating the Kitchen


The work-from-home arrangements and shelter in place orders of the government resulted in a lot of time in the hands of many Americans when the pandemic started. Many opted to use their time to work on home improvement projects. These projects focused on some of the most used rooms in the house. One of these rooms is the kitchen.

If you’re one of these people and planning to renovate the kitchen, you should hire professional contractors specializing in kitchen renovations. For instance, Marvellous Contracting is one of these companies that can help you renovate your kitchen to give it the character you’re looking for in a kitchen. After all, it has become much safer to have these professionals work on site again.

Whether you’re hiring experts or planning to do all the work on your own, then you need to avoid the following mistakes when you’re renovating your kitchen.

Having No Priorities

When you work on the kitchen, you should prioritize the things you need to improve based on how you are going to use the kitchen. To know this, you should think about what you and your family need from this area. You should also consider the amount of time you spend in the kitchen and if your family regularly eats there.

Additionally, you should also consider the appliances and the storage areas you need in the kitchen. Considering how you dispose of waste and how you protect the children from accidents in the kitchen also allows you to finalize your priorities when it comes to this room. Once you set your priorities straight, it will be easier for you to renovate it.

Focusing on Appearance

After setting your priorities, you can start planning the kitchen renovation. However, your plans should not focus mainly on appearance. While a nice-looking kitchen is great when you have guests over, then this is not advisable in the current pandemic. Even if you can already host parties, a functional kitchen is better than a good-looking one.

You should make sure the floor can handle moisture and is not slippery when it’s wet. The wallpaper should also withstand the humid atmosphere in the kitchen. Additionally, your countertop should be durable enough to withstand heat and allow you to wipe off spills and easily remove odors.

well-lit kitchen

Overlooking its Value

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Hence, you shouldn’t overlook its value. You should make sure it has enough light to allow you to cook your favorite dishes. A window or two can give a good amount of natural light into the kitchen. You should also make sure to take care of it by fixing anything that needs repair. Additionally, giving the kitchen the same design as the other rooms in the house shows that you value the importance of the kitchen. Besides, without a good cooking area, you’ll end up eating takeout or food deliveries each time you have a meal at home.

Using Ordinary Materials

Using ordinary materials for the kitchen shows that you do not value this space. You should get the best possible materials for your kitchen. You should not use imitation stone or wood since these materials may not be as durable as the real thing. You need to make sure they are durable to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

You may even consider installing smart appliances. These devices not only help you cook up a storm in the kitchen, but they also keep it safer. Additionally, smart appliances also help you save on energy costs. For instance, a smart refrigerator will alert you in case it wasn’t closed properly, while a smart oven can preheat itself so it will be ready once you’re finished preparing the turkey you’re having for dinner.

Ignoring the Current Design

Another mistake that you should avoid is ignoring the current design of the kitchen. If you bought an existing house, chances are the architect who designed the house put a lot of thought into designing the kitchen. So, you should take into account the existing design of the kitchen before you start renovating it.

For instance, you shouldn’t block the air ducts that the kitchen already has since it serves a purpose. The overhead storage cabinets may also play a significant role in the kitchen, so you shouldn’t discount them as well. Unless the previous owner made renovations in the kitchen, you should avoid implementing changes without considering what is already there. The same thing goes with the finish. Try to make it consistent with the overall design of your home.

When you renovate your kitchen, you should consider the mistakes to avoid to prevent problems in the future.

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