Home Renovation: Interior Design Trends That Fade Eventually

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2020 was a life-changing moment for all of us. Most especially, though, it redefined the collective relationship we share with our household members.

Due to lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing regulations brought by the pandemic, many of us were left scampering to build home offices, indoor gyms, and homeschooling space in the comforts of our own homes. The way we utilize our home spaces has indeed changed drastically in a short time. As we have moved on to another year, the percentage of aspiring homeowners has also continually increased, thanks to the all-time low mortgage rates.

If you are one of those planning to buy a house anytime this year, whether you plan to make it a forever home or as an investment opportunity, here are some interior designing trends that are expected to go away this year.

1. The Modern Farmhouse Look

One of the biggest interior design looks expected to go out of style next year is the modern farmhouse trend. Perhaps the main reason why many people have grown tired of this design is that it has been inordinately done in places like city apartments and suburban homes. Though barn doors, shiplap walls, and other modern farmhouse styles are beautiful, they look remotely inorganic to these aforementioned places.

Rather than forcefully integrate these design ideas, perhaps a rustic or industrial look would fit well in your apartment dwelling.

2. Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan concept has been popular for decades. But came the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people realized how disadvantageous it actually is. As family members have to share spaces to cook, work, study, and play, lack of privacy meant lack of function.

The concept that everyone sharing the same space is not as attractive as it used to be. Now, people crave windows, doors, and some privacy. It does not mean, though, that you have to make a complete overhaul of your home overnight. Gradual changes can be easily implemented, such as placing dividers or even temporary walls to create privacy.

3. White Kitchen Layout

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The decade-long trend of white kitchen designs is slowly coming to a close. According to interior design experts, homeowners are now moving towards embracing exotic and detailed patterns for kitchen layout. These rare stones and exotic and detailed designs with traditionally defined luxury stones and tiles are becoming popular again.

Although a major part of the white kitchen trend would probably not go away, most people prefer using other materials that could give the same aesthetic value. Marbles, ceramic marble tiles, and countertops made of quartz are the best bets that could provide the same elegance and sophistication.

4. Fast Furniture Pieces

Since we spent a good deal of time now locked up in our homes, the appeal to inexpensive furniture pieces and decors sees a significant decline. People use spaces in their homes for various functions — be it an office, a study, a play area, or a space for relaxation.

Furnishings that allow flexibility, adaptability, and at the same time are of quality are of value. Moreover, they last longer. Alongside its practicality, people give move meaning to the items they have in their rooms these days. As more of life’s moments are happening there, they are more mindful of what they put in. Buying has become more intentional.

5. Minimalism

Minimalist apartment with ottomans

The minimalist trend has increasingly become popular in recent years. But, as the pandemic struck, affecting millions of lives and forcing us to stay more at home, it has become clear that it is challenging to follow that austere, sparsely filled home.

A more collected, layered, and eclectic design works best now and perhaps in the foreseeable future. With the amount of stuff we continue to collect now and then, even the smartest storage solution would not be feasible to maintain a minimalist look. As experts projected, people will gravitate towards a maximalist look as it is more functional.

6. Single Purpose Spaces & Furnishings

In the same vein, single-purpose spaces and furnishings are becoming unpopular. A lot of us have to adjust to the reality of working from home. Thus, we were forced to come up with viable solutions to make everything “work.” Mainly, the goal is to maintain a dedicated and organized work from home arrangement.

Since not everyone has the luxury of having a spare room to use as a home office space, work from home employees have come up with creative ideas. Some use a section of the dining table as a home office, others dedicate a corner in the bedroom, and some even make use of their closet spaces.

Knowing these trends, do you see any of them applied to your current home? Take time to know what works well for your abode.

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