Moving and Packing Lesson in Transporting Hazardous Substances

Man sealing a box

There’s a mark on the calendar, and it says that you will start packing for a long-haul move tomorrow. The move is months away, but you are keen on preparing early. After all, you’d be packing most of the contents of the house! Before the day arrives, perhaps we can offer help—insights on how to pack and what not to bring on your journey. This won’t take much time, and you know that you need the advice.

On your own

There is still plenty of time to prepare, and you haven’t made up your mind as to whether you will hire a professional moving packing service in South Florida. At this time, it is essential to remain focused on the task at hand. As you begin, remember to pack for a new and exciting journey. You’re not packing the old house so that it fits into the new one. Your new home is where the future will unfold, and it should be a future free from the clutches and clutter of the past.

Packing hazards

There are sticker labels already laid out, and you wrote “hazardous” on a couple of strips. The labels will be stuck to reliable and sealable plastic containers already stored in the garage. Right now, the ammonia, antifreeze, bleach and other cleaning supplies, motor oil, and paint thinner are the most prominent items in your mind’s eye. The list of hazardous items from your home includes car batteries, acids, fire extinguishers, petroleum products, pesticides, and propane tanks, among others. They’re in the garage and storage cabinet, and you can haul them over to the packing area in a couple of trips. That’s how you plan to do it, and you’re confident it will work out well. Some hazardous items are flammable, but you're confident that they won’t burst into flames spontaneously as the moving truck crosses the state line. After all, the containers you have prepared for them are airtight.

Professional movers and hazardous substances

Man & Woman packing

How would professionals pack hazardous substances? The answer to that is a resounding, “No, they will not pack these substances at all.” Here’s a lesson in Packing 101: Hazardous household items should never be taken on a journey to your new home. Professionals are aware of this. The associated risks are just too great. Remember that with regard to hazardous materials, they are not to be packed for transport, and they must be disposed of appropriately. If you choose to hire a crew of professional movers to pack your things, they will inform you that a local waste management organization should be willing to take them from your hands.

Making a good time, preparing for the future

Packing is time-consuming, and it is a wise move to start early. You already know that it is forbidden to bring any hazardous items with you. Focus instead on organizing the containers, boxes, and labels and on trimming down your personal belongings.

What if there are glitches in the master plan? It’s good to keep an open mind. A full-service mover can give you great advice on how to pack and organize. Think about it well and consider the many benefits of having people with experience on your side.

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