Shelves: How You Can Blend Form and Function


If there is one understated in the house, that would be the shelf. How many do you have at home? You must have at least a few in each room. Some of them are made to blend into the surroundings, while some are made to stand out. But they are, first and foremost, storage spaces. Study rooms would have walls of bookshelves, or you can have a few in the kitchen you can use to clean the oven. It is really convenient to have materials and stuff within your reach.

Aside from being useful, you also have to appreciate its looks. The shelf truly delivers both form and function and will forever be an essential component of the home.

Easy Fit

Shelves are the chameleons of your house interiors. You can make them as subtle as you want or stand out. The great thing about them is they can fit in just about any room and any corner of the house. Do you want to have something that matches your pine table? Then opt to get something that has the same material if you want to keep a theme going. If you think you are lacking in space, think again. Walls are great places to mount shelves on. People mostly reserve them for hanging thin or flat objects like paintings and mirrors. But as long as you install the shelves considerably above eye level, you should not encounter any blockage from it. You can continue to walk freely around the house without worry about bumping your head somewhere.

Space Saving


One problem area of most families is the lack of storage space in the house. Many have tried different tricks but are unsuccessful in finding extra room for their boxes of old items. Some have used a bedroom solely for the purpose of storage; others have used the attic or basement to stash their stuff. There are also those who just find different corners of the house to be perfect hiding places for random items.

The great thing about having shelves is that they give you a nice place to where you can put things, from your beloved possessions to mundane stuff. You no longer have to sacrifice floor space, and instead, you can place various items on shelves mounted on the wall or placed anywhere in the house.

Accentuates a Room

If you want to add variety or accent to the look of a room, you can do so by adding shelves. You can have them painted with a color that would complement the theme of a room. For example, if you want something that is inspired by nature, have the walls painted a shade of green and then have some shelves colored dark brown. The result of that is a room that revels in the hues of the trees. Having a room with just the green walls would feel bland, but accentuating it with a different-colored set of shelves could make things interesting.

Shelves are easy and convenient to move or install anywhere in your house. They are great at holding and displaying your precious items. If you want to inject a little bit of your personality into the design of your room, this would be a great place to start.

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